Monday, January 19, 2015


**Hey, super sorry if this makes no sense. Not even lying when I say that I had to just research to make sure I didn't OD on cough medicine. Germy little sixth graders taking advantage of my immune system!**

When I first met Mark and his group of friends back in 2008, they (minus Mark) had a band with an extremely unfortunate name. (The illusional biscuit??? Why boys, tell me why!) Even with their unfortunate name, I followed them around like a puppy dog, pretty much dying to be their "Merch Girl" which never happened. Boo! Then they left on missions and the IB ceased to exist. When they came back they formed another band, Bronze Museum, and had a lot more success with that name/band. Then while they were playing a show they met a pretty lady named Emilee Holgate who was apart of the band Kitfox. Emilee instantly became friends with them as well as me because she is hilarious and super kind and basically just one of those people that don't have anything negative about them. Whenever I see Emilee she always has some sort of yummy treat. That's definitely a plus. She also lived on the East Coast this summer and came to visit which was really fun.

Anyway, a few members of Bronze Museum joined up with Kitfox and a new era was born! Then a few months ago Mark and my friend and band member of Kitfox went to a Kopecky concert and met a guy in that band who wants to produce the new Kitfox record! Which is seriously an insane opportunity. With insane opportunity comes insane cost, and that's why they need our help to get to Nashville. Everyone who donates more than $1.00 gets a copy of Kitfox's EP. The prizes go up from there. If you donate $75.00 you get a date with Conor or Devon, hahahaha. But really, the prizes for donating are actually really awesome/worth it. So help them have their dreams come true! Plus they have a really well made video on their kickstarted page, so check that out. I always appreciate good cinematography. 


Thanks for supporting my friends! 
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