Thursday, January 8, 2015

leave your corn at home

Today I am exhausted but I painted my nails and my tummy is full of Cafe Rio, who messed up my order so I got extra stamps on my card as well as a free soda so I am one happy camper right now. 
I just wanted to drop in and update on my first week! It's not over yet but man, so much has gone down.
I was so nervous over the weekend as you can tell in my last blog post. I was just beside myself. I have never felt like that in all my life and I never care to again. Then on Sunday night I started getting my stuff ready and it was weird, I was just fine suddenly. Totally good. Ready. 
My first day went super smoothly! Any other doubts I had left when I had a whole group of kids waiting for me at my door this morning to meet me. Sixth graders in the middle school setting are such a weird group. They are still so little, sometimes I have to force myself to remember that they could still be in elementary school. However they are also in such a hurry to be a big kid. They are so conflicted with their own selves! I find them fascinating. Anyway, the first day was great. They were asking me all sorts of questions that only sixth graders would ask me. I was still feeling a little unsure about how the kids were feeling about me because they really loved their old teacher that left to have a baby. Then I heard in the halls after school "Do you like the new teacher?" "Yeah! She is so so nice!" So I was like PHEWWWWWWWW. 

The second day I came into my class after making some copies and there was an anonymous Dr Pepper left on my desk after I had gone on and on about how much I love Dr Pepper the day before. I so started to cry a little bit! 

The third day is when things started to get a little more real. A kid told me "You know one thing that sucks about you? You don't do your makeup good." I was in total shock but then I remembered I forgot to use my blend brush that morning so technically, he was right. Haha!
Then later in the day I was reminding the kiddos about their homework and a kid raised his hand and said "You know what your homework should maybe be? Working on your handwriting"
I was literally in shock. Like jaw dropping shock. Haha! What do you even say to that? All the kids chimed in with "That's MESSED up!" so I felt supported but again, he has a point. For a teacher my handwriting is not the best but it's also far from the worst???? I dunno, kids man. They are also obsessed with my hair color. So obsessed that I kind of just want to dye it darker so they stop. I have at least two kids mention it per class. One kid wanted to bring an ear of corn to compare my hair to. I was like "LEAVE YOUR CORN AT HOME" 

Then today I was in the office and someone asked if I was checking in. They thought I was an 8th grader! I was like "Uhh, i'm a teacher?" They were really embarrassed and I was just like "....."

Yesterday I came home from school and I was like "Mark, I just really love my job." I really do. I was so worried over the break that I didn't love teaching but that was all just nerves. I love this grade level already. I can do so many fun things with them. For example, tomorrow we are painting like Michelangelo. They are gonna have paper taped under their desks and they have to lay on their backs and paint! Could I get away with that in High School? Ho ho ho noooo.

I love my school and I love my district so far. My district is unique in a lot of ways and at the end of the day I feel so supported. All of the teachers have been so incredibly nice it just blows me away how willing to help everyone is! Also, the bells at my school aren't bells, they are music. Music just starts playing when class is up. Like 99.5 music. It's pretty cool. 

I am also really blown away as to how many people were sending supportive texts, calls, snapchats and other social media love on my first day. It was such a good feeling to know I have so many people on my side.

I have never been so tired in my life. I have never slept so soundly. Teaching six periods every day is a lot. A whole lot. However I am surviving and planning much better than I survived student teaching. But I still rlly rlly rlly need a nap. Thank goodness for the 30 cent soda in the faculty room.


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  1. I'm so happy you love your job. And I love this post. I can't believe some of the things these kids say. I'm sure they say it just to be funny but I would probably straight up yell at them or go cry in the bathroom or something. This is why I'm not a teacher haha. I know I should know this but what subject are you teaching? And you're teaching 7th grade right? Gosh I swear you've mentioned it in your posts or IRL in the past but I'm just the worst.



    1. Thank you so much!! I will have to write down what the kids say everyday because yesterday I spit out my drink laughing at what a kid said and when I got home I couldn't remember what he had said! I was bummed. I actually don't think I have said since I got a new job! I teach 6th grade!

  2. i'm so happy you are liking it okay - that would be SO NERVE WRACKING holy crap. i laughed so hard at the makeup/corn/handwriting comments. at least those kiddos are keeping you on your feet. you're awesome!

    1. Yay thank you!! It was crazy. Hahaha they really really are!

  3. Aw! This sounds amazing! I read this out loud to my fiance was was laughing so hard that I could barely read "Leave your corn at home." Kids man... Love the blog! xo