Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Hey! Today I was actually like, "Hey don't I have a thing I usually do on Wednesdays?" WOO! Little victories! If you haven't seen my last couple posts, I usually just post a few things from around the internet that I am diggin lately. 

So, I actually have this weird guilty pleasure with country music. However I only will listen in the summer. There is just nothing like a country music concert in the summer. I have been to so many and it is always so fun! Mark, on the other hand, despises everything country. He has the theory that all the song sound the same. Then he found THIS mashup that combined six different country songs to prove that a lot of songs are exactly. the. same. It's pretty nuts.

Twice a week with my kiddos we watch CNN Kids News and the other day they showed this bubble freezing. My kids haven't stopped talking about it! It's actually really beautiful.

I love this blanket. It would be pretty anywhere I feel! 

Mark and I have been trying to eat less junk. December was so. freaking. bad. I don't know how we let it get so out of control. That's holidays though, right? Anyway, we tried THIS recipe on Sunday and we had it again for dinner last night. I was sad we couldn't find sweet potatoes at the grocery store but the butternut squash was way delish! 

Tumblr, I love tumblr. So much I love tumblr. Recently the thing that gave me the most lolzz was this post about Parks and Rec. Then I saw it changed to Harry Potter and I really died laughing. 

This week I re-stumbled upon the blog post in which my favorite interior designer, Emily Henderson, designed a little cottage for Snoop Dogg. Like what!?!? It's so funny! 

So pretty, but Mark is confused about the socks with the heels. I accept his confusion.

I'm really irritated with myself right now because I had the perfect article in mind for this post for like two weeks and now, for the life of me, I can't remember. Hopefully by next week I will! 

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