Tuesday, February 24, 2015

vacations all I ever wanted...besides a bed

This month we got a surprise bonus and we were able to pay off all our debt! Which is such a good feeling. Not that we had a lot, but still. So for a long time we have said that once we are debt free, we are going to save to go on vacation. 

Then last weekend we went to Mark's family's cabin in Idaho. For the first time, we slept on a king bed. In Maryland we slept on a double bed, and I slept horrible the entire summer. Now we have a queen bed, which is, ya know, better. However after we slept on the king bed last weekend realized that we need a king bed. We just need one. My sleep sanity depends on getting one.

So since we are planning on buying a bed, we now have less for a vacation. We kind of somewhat decided that we want to go to San Diego and rent a house with airbnb, then maybe go down to Disneyland. We are one of those people who are pretty firm in their belief that Disneyland is not a place you take kids, unless everyone wants to hate everything, so we like to get that kind of stuff in before we start poppin babies out. 

See?? Totally normal for adults to be at disney without children...........................................................................

Have you guys ever been on airbnb?? It's incredible. I'm thinking this one or this one or this one. Most of these houses are just steps away from the beach, which is cool. 

Anyway, if anyone has suggestions on buying a mattress, that seems like a very grown up thing to do and I'm not sure where to start. 

Now I really need spring break or summer to come like, tomorrow. Plz and thanxxxx.

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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

holy blog funk

Right now I have 172 drafts in blogger. This might even turn into a draft, who knows. I want to blog SO BADLY but I start to write something and it turns to mushy crap. I do a lot of fun stuff but I can't seem to remember to take pictures of the stuff I am doing. At first I didn't care. This blog is for fun, it's just a hobby. I'm busy, constantly sick (thanks germy sixth graders, fourth time in two months!) and trying to balance my life. Then the other day I realized blogging, even though it's only a hobby, is one of my few hobbies and one of the only ones I enjoy doing regularly. So I have been really frustrated at my lack of ideas lately because I need an outlet! So I am about to do what I have never done before...one of those posts that we used to do myspace bulletin style.


Reading: Since I have been experiencing the void of all voids after I finished Serial, not once but TWICE, I decided to try an audiobook from Audible. I was about two minutes into All The Light We Cannot See when I realized that audiobooks are the absolute worst. So, working on the reading thing.

Making: After two really busy weeks and four day weekend with no internet, I realized how behind I was with my bloglovin feed. Like 200 unread posts. Woops! So I have been doing some serious catch up. I found this blog post and decided that it will probably be my next project.

Anticipating: A full weekend at home, the first in quite long time, so I can clean my house. (That is such an adult thing to say I am dying but also proud?)
 Also, Mark got me a present and for the first time, I have no idea what it is. No clue. Which is so freaking weird for me, the biggest control freak anyone knows. I'm so excited to finally know on Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Loving: Bridgette's post on an interior design expo she attended. I was fully drooling about most of the pictures.

Listening to: A few weeks ago, Mark and I went to a concert at Velour. We heard a band called Bat Manors for the first time and they were beyond excellent. We bought their vinyl and I have been listening ever since.

Wearing: I can be 100% certain that I have worn my Hello Sweatshirt every single day since Christmas. It was the best purchase in 2014 (plus I got it for 40% off). It is so soft and comfy but really really warm. Every day after work I come home and put on stretchy pants and my hello sweatshirt and find my zen.

Eating: Mark and I have come to a stalemate about grocery shopping. He's not gonna do it, i'm not gonna do it. We've been living off the awkward stuff in our cupboards and eating out a fair amount, which is fully irresponsible, obviously, but when we finally decide we are going to Walmart to get groceries, we get this terrible feeling of dread and so we go get a pizza and it lasts us two days (run on sentence FO DAYZ). Tonight we had Beto's for dinner because we are disgusting but I was next. level. STARVING and I think I actually told Mark I could be with my steak burrito for eternity when I was mid-bite?? No regrets.

Wanting: A flipping dog. I am 110% more dog hungry than I am baby hungry. Does anyone have a big dog I can watch so I can cure myself? Puppies for rent is a rip off though, srry.

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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

rings and breast exam

Read about my ring HERE.
Today, yay!

A year ago today Mark gave me the biggest shock of my life and I got my beautiful ring. To read that story, you can click over here.  (also LOL at how bad Mark needs a haircut in those pictures. Good thing he has a wife to keep him in line now haha)

I got my ring cleaned and inspected at Needhams this weekend and it has been so extra sparkly this week. In fact, I was at the gyno for my yearly anxiety attack. In the midst of the most awkward part, I think, the breast exam, the doctor stopped, one hand still full on groping me, and picked up my left hand with her other hand that wasn't preoccupied and talked about my ring for what seemed like ten eternities. I HATE the gyno. I just feel rage boiling up inside me as I talk about it.

Anyway, one year. That's a wow.  A friend from high school got engaged a few weeks ago and I was telling Mark all the unsolicited advice I wanted to give her and he was like "yeah, imagine someone giving you the same advice when you were planning our wedding." I wish I could go back and tell myself "Chill on the Sims and the wedding planning" but I don't really think I would have listened to myself. I should have, but alas. Many anxiety attacks, many nights I slept for like two hours, many spoiled-brat moments, way too many blow-ups at my poor parents. 

I'm curious as to what advice you would have given yourself when you were engaged, if you are married?

If you aren't, i'm wondering what is the biggest question about marriage/wedding planning you have? 

In conclusion, Mark is making me dinner and also did the dishes and rubbed my neck when I had a migraine so i'm loving him extra today. Happy engagement-versary as well as dating for three and a half years-versary.

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Sunday, February 8, 2015

quick road trip

Last week was pretty much perfection. Yes, I had to do parent teacher conference which was two pretty long days. However I got both Thursday and Friday off and it was glooooorious. Mark and I decided to use my day off and we headed up to Logan for a little visit. I have been there a few times since we moved back from Maryland but Mark hadn't been theres since before we got married. Mark's best friends still live up there and I have friends up there as well. I feel like all we did is eat?? That's ok, we missed a lot of the classic Logan restaurants. Here are some pictures, sorry they are so so blurry. I brought my real camera up but it sat in my purse the whole time. 

First stop was Twizzleberry with my blog friends Laura and Madeline so we could be friends IRL. We literally took no pictures together, I took this of my cup because it matched my nail polish. We are the worst bloggers ever. 

 After ice cream I rushed to meet with our big group of friends for dinner. We went to ice cream before I had dinner so I was feeling a lil weird, so I didn't go all out at one of my favorites, Center Street Grill. Their sandwiches and burgers are huge-mongous and delicious but I felt full from Twizzle so I tried something new. It was still pretty good!

 Here is Conor, the bearded man.

That night we made the half hour drive to Crystal Hot Springs. We didn't take any pictures because honestly, we were worried about getting our open wounds in the hot springs water. There was a whole new breed of white trash hangin out at that place. It was terrifying. 

When we got home I didn't even go to bed till 2:30! I was so friggin proud of myself. I haven't stayed up past 10:30 in I have no idea how long.

The next morning we made Herms a priority. Herms opened like my sophomore or junior year of college and CHANGED. THE. GAME. It's the go-to on Saturday mornings. It was totally packed. I ordered their special, a white chocolate and cranberry pancake. It was delish.

"Hiiii, we're the friends"

instagram menus, yo

After Herms I went to the bookstore and spent more money there than I had since Freshman year. Now I feel properly swagged as an alumni (ew, sorry I used the word swag)

By this point I needed a nap and a shower. Thankfully my boss from when I worked at Kiddie Kandids yearsssss ago was out of town and offered me her house. I confirm that taking half the day and hanging out there was the best decision I made it 2015. THANKS ROBIN! 

That night I met up with some sorority sisters (including my little, shweee!!!) and we went to Takara. It was sooo delicious.

Then we did something weird. We went to Mardi Gras. It was actually way more fun than when I went as a freshman. We went to see our friends Kitfox, the ones who are doing the Kickstarter, and they were so awesome. I hadn't heard them in quite a while and they had people who were on their way to grind at the big dance party stop and listening. I think that's the biggest thing anyone can accomplish. Their kickstarter only has ten more days and they have halfway to go. If you donate any amount you get their EP! So go do that HERE.

We showed up early so instead of waiting in lines for the entire night we got to do basically everything. That includes the Oxygen Bar (weird, not worth it? Confusing that it's such a hit) and the exotic reptile station. Mark and friends held this huge snake but I was like "uhhh i'll stay right back here"

Okay? Okay.

After the concert, we headed to the casino. If you didn't know this about Mark, he is weirdly lucky. He always wins, always. He won big money on our cruise ship, he just wins. He is so lucky! Which is why I don't let him gamble hardly ever. But since this was fake money I let him go all out. He never lost, not once. This was after he won twice and so by the time the end of the night rolled around his money pile was like four times this. He was pretty excited. 

It was a super fun weekend! I'm so tired, I stayed up till about four the night of Mardi Gras. So, because of that, I am about to go to bed...haha. Praying i'm not too tired tomorrow.

Next weekend we are going to Mark's cabin. I will try not to be picture-stupid this weekend and actually take pictures. For some reason I have gotten really shy about pictures lately. I will work on it!

Also, this weekend I got three new people to start listening to the podcast, Serial. Success.

Thanks Logan, UT. See ya soon, maybe.

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