Wednesday, February 18, 2015

holy blog funk

Right now I have 172 drafts in blogger. This might even turn into a draft, who knows. I want to blog SO BADLY but I start to write something and it turns to mushy crap. I do a lot of fun stuff but I can't seem to remember to take pictures of the stuff I am doing. At first I didn't care. This blog is for fun, it's just a hobby. I'm busy, constantly sick (thanks germy sixth graders, fourth time in two months!) and trying to balance my life. Then the other day I realized blogging, even though it's only a hobby, is one of my few hobbies and one of the only ones I enjoy doing regularly. So I have been really frustrated at my lack of ideas lately because I need an outlet! So I am about to do what I have never done of those posts that we used to do myspace bulletin style.


Reading: Since I have been experiencing the void of all voids after I finished Serial, not once but TWICE, I decided to try an audiobook from Audible. I was about two minutes into All The Light We Cannot See when I realized that audiobooks are the absolute worst. So, working on the reading thing.

Making: After two really busy weeks and four day weekend with no internet, I realized how behind I was with my bloglovin feed. Like 200 unread posts. Woops! So I have been doing some serious catch up. I found this blog post and decided that it will probably be my next project.

Anticipating: A full weekend at home, the first in quite long time, so I can clean my house. (That is such an adult thing to say I am dying but also proud?)
 Also, Mark got me a present and for the first time, I have no idea what it is. No clue. Which is so freaking weird for me, the biggest control freak anyone knows. I'm so excited to finally know on Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Loving: Bridgette's post on an interior design expo she attended. I was fully drooling about most of the pictures.

Listening to: A few weeks ago, Mark and I went to a concert at Velour. We heard a band called Bat Manors for the first time and they were beyond excellent. We bought their vinyl and I have been listening ever since.

Wearing: I can be 100% certain that I have worn my Hello Sweatshirt every single day since Christmas. It was the best purchase in 2014 (plus I got it for 40% off). It is so soft and comfy but really really warm. Every day after work I come home and put on stretchy pants and my hello sweatshirt and find my zen.

Eating: Mark and I have come to a stalemate about grocery shopping. He's not gonna do it, i'm not gonna do it. We've been living off the awkward stuff in our cupboards and eating out a fair amount, which is fully irresponsible, obviously, but when we finally decide we are going to Walmart to get groceries, we get this terrible feeling of dread and so we go get a pizza and it lasts us two days (run on sentence FO DAYZ). Tonight we had Beto's for dinner because we are disgusting but I was next. level. STARVING and I think I actually told Mark I could be with my steak burrito for eternity when I was mid-bite?? No regrets.

Wanting: A flipping dog. I am 110% more dog hungry than I am baby hungry. Does anyone have a big dog I can watch so I can cure myself? Puppies for rent is a rip off though, srry.

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  1. plz publish all 172 drafts, I want to read them :) :) lol I know what you mean though, sometimes blogging just doesn't happen. right now I'm in a weird stage where I want to take photos when I do stuff, so it's easy to make a blog post happen, but who knows how long that will last. also I am weirdly excited about your surprise from mark, u betta tweet about it!!