Tuesday, February 10, 2015

rings and breast exam

Read about my ring HERE.
Today, yay!

A year ago today Mark gave me the biggest shock of my life and I got my beautiful ring. To read that story, you can click over here.  (also LOL at how bad Mark needs a haircut in those pictures. Good thing he has a wife to keep him in line now haha)

I got my ring cleaned and inspected at Needhams this weekend and it has been so extra sparkly this week. In fact, I was at the gyno for my yearly anxiety attack. In the midst of the most awkward part, I think, the breast exam, the doctor stopped, one hand still full on groping me, and picked up my left hand with her other hand that wasn't preoccupied and talked about my ring for what seemed like ten eternities. I HATE the gyno. I just feel rage boiling up inside me as I talk about it.

Anyway, one year. That's a wow.  A friend from high school got engaged a few weeks ago and I was telling Mark all the unsolicited advice I wanted to give her and he was like "yeah, imagine someone giving you the same advice when you were planning our wedding." I wish I could go back and tell myself "Chill on the Sims and the wedding planning" but I don't really think I would have listened to myself. I should have, but alas. Many anxiety attacks, many nights I slept for like two hours, many spoiled-brat moments, way too many blow-ups at my poor parents. 

I'm curious as to what advice you would have given yourself when you were engaged, if you are married?

If you aren't, i'm wondering what is the biggest question about marriage/wedding planning you have? 

In conclusion, Mark is making me dinner and also did the dishes and rubbed my neck when I had a migraine so i'm loving him extra today. Happy engagement-versary as well as dating for three and a half years-versary.

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  1. Oh my. Your ring is FREAKIN GORGEOUS. Can't blame your gyno for checking it out, even if their timing was poor ;)

    Hmmm advice I would have given myself when I was engaged . . . probably all the advice I give to other people who get engaged: have a PREception (which I did), go on a cheap honeymoon (which I did), and stop kissing so much (which I didn't. ha :) )

  2. let's hang out and talk about the gyno! you should switch to mine, because i loved my appointment so much! and you know me… really awkward and shy. so, that's saying something.

    if i could give myself advice, i would say "ELOPE AND GET MARRIED IN IRELAND LIKE YOU WANT TO" hahahaha.

  3. if I could give myself advice, I would probably tell myself to care more about my wedding planning. HAHA. I know that's usually the opposite of what most people say ("I wish I could go tell myself to not stress out about the wedding, that the only thing that really matters is that you're gonna be married to your husband!") but I honestly kinda wish I paid more attention to some of the little details because that would have made it even more special. it was such a perfect day though, I don't know if i'd necessarily change anything about it. I was just SOOOO low key about wedding planning and I think I could've stood to be MORE of a bridezilla, believe it or not lolol