Saturday, March 28, 2015

little climbers///funtopia climbing gym in lehi, utah

If you know me or my family, you know that we pretty much have these three little girls cycle in and out of our home pretty frequently. So when I first got the opportunity to go to Funtopia in Lehi, I was like, "Wellllll, I don't have kids so...." then through a series of events, Taylor, Maddie and Brooklyn started living with my parents again. Since Brooklyn is too little and too sassy, we left her at daycare and Taylor, Maddie, Mark and I went to Funtopia right by our house.

I swear, i'm not getting paid to say this stuff or even write a blog post about it, but it was so fun that I feel like I need to spread the word. 
First of all, the people that worked there were awesome. There were so many kids there because we came in with a birthday party, but the two employees were always where we needed them when we needed them. Also, even though there were a ton of kids, we never had to wait to climb anything we wanted since there was so much stuff to do. My favorite was the ginormous slide, just because it was hilarious to watch the girls faces as they were lifted to the top. Maddie really liked the city where she could climb and jump off like Godzilla. Taylor liked the platform that you climbed up to and jumped onto monkey bars that were like seven feet away. I also really liked the wall that you had to answer basic math/science/english/history questions to get your next rock to pop out....haha
We were there for quite a while and the girls were so sad to leave. Let's be honest, Mark and I were so sad to leave! I found out later that I could have climbed and I was bummed that I didn't. 

It's a little pricey, but I can confidently say that it is 100% worth the money. 

This was after they both had breakdowns that they were scared to jump and I told them they were walking home if they didn't. Maddie asked how long that would take. 

You can find their facebook page HERE
Thanks for a fun afternoon so I could give my parents a break, Funtopia!

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Thursday, March 26, 2015

happy list///life changes

I feel like i'm getting really bad at these. As life gets harder, I have a hard time finding the happy in the day to day. Which is pretty stupid, because it's usually those hard days that you need the little happy stuff the most. I'll work on it, that's all you can do I guess.
Here we go!
taking a day off and feeling seriously rejuvenated///seeing friends I haven't seen in a while///making homemade sushi that was delicious///running into a family with a quarter asian baby and talking to them for a while///gap outlet having a huge clearance, I got a sweater for like $1.50 and $60 jeans for $25///girl scout cookies///a new eos chapstick///wearing my saltwater sandals again!!!///being off soda for the longest in my life, feeling strangely liberated by it??(even though tbh, I don't feel any different at all)///gearing up to change my bulletin boards AGAIN :):):):)///looking at pretty new apartments///doing laundry perfectly///dress sale at Savers with Balongy (Codi)///convincing Mark to eat mexican food AND having leftovers///school lunch on wednesdays///getting our *NEW* *IMPROVED* apartment that we wanted! We were so nervous about not getting it. We move next weekend! Although, you will not see the actual act of moving on this happy list///
In other news, I decided I won't be returning to the school I am currently teaching at next year. It was a decision I went back and forth on for so long, even up until the actual day that I finally decided. They were going to move me to 8th grade U.S History which I was extremely excited about. However, I read THIS article by Emily Henderson and I realized I just needed to leave.  I am still going to be a teacher, just not at my current school. I will let you know where I am going a little later down the line. 
A big part of me is real sad to be leaving. I have found the dream team in terms of my co-workers and administrators. I'm so grateful for all the experiences I have had and will continue to have in the next two months.  I wish I was exaggerating when I say I learn something new every minute and a half. Makes a brain tired, but makes me a better teacher.  
Meanwhile, in the next two months, I will soak up all that my kids have to teach me. I will be a friggin sponge. I will take what they give me and go to another school and try a lot harder to be a lot better. 

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Monday, March 16, 2015

new hair, kids care.

Last week I went from being a platinum blonde to having this pretty melt. I hmmmed and hawwed about the decision for months and then finally, I was just ready. It took a whopping five hours, turns out a reverse melt is not something you can just bang out.  I was feeling nervous about it but so many people loved it and so I felt better. I went to bed feeling like I had made such a good choice.

Then I woke up and went to school.

I felt like the change was pretty noticeable. I kept waiting for someone to say "Woah! You changed your hair!" But no, nothing. Then in my first period a kid said "Mrs. H, I think it's time to dye your hair. It looks all grown out." I started explaining "yeah, it's supposed to look like that" and not kidding, the look he gave me made me question my whole life and/or Pinterest.

Then one kid said "Did you dye your hair?" I said "Yes!" I was so excited that someone finally noticed. Then he gave me a look. It was like, tight sucked in lips with wide eyes. I was like "Ohh...shoot."

Then another period passed with no comments.

Then I had a kid say "Your hair looks exactly like Mrs. ________'s!!" Ok, um, Mrs._______ is literally 65 and her hair is gray as gray can be. I said "An old lady?????" and the student said "Yeah!" I just literally cannot anymore. 

Anyway, the hair has been an..adjustment. I really like it most of the day, but then some days I will catch my reflection and i'm like "My face is so dark..." so I dunno. Change is harder for me than most people. So we'll keep on keepin on.

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Monday, March 9, 2015

good for her, not for me.

As soon as we moved back to Utah in August I put Yes Please by Amy Poehler on hold at my library and then life got crazy and I forgot. 
A few weeks ago I got a notification that Yes Please was available for me to pick up. It was a nice lil surprise! I started reading it and not gonna lie, the chapters are here and there for me. Some chapters I loved and some I was doing the thing I do--skip over bunches of words at a time---to try to get through. 
One lesson did stand out to me, though, was when Poehler said that our mentality about every little thing in life should be "Good for her, not for me"

Good for her, not for me.

I remembered this as I got invited to an astounding 7 MLM parties on facebook this week.
DoTerra oils may be a lifesaver for a lot of people, but i'm not there yet. Good for her, not for me.

I remembered this when another teacher was talking about quitting her job this year to be a stay at home mom.
I really wish I could be a STAHM but I just know it would kill me slowly. I really think it's the better option for kids, but I just can't. So really, good for her, not for me.

I remembered as the girl in front of me at McDonalds ordered the fish sandwich, man.
The fish sandwich at McDonalds creeps me out. I'll take the chicken sandwich, thanks. Good for her, not for me.

Good for her, not for me. It sounds like it could be sarcastic or even an insult, but Poehler made it sound so genuine and matter-of-fact. Just like "Hey, we're two different people so what works for us is also going to be different." It was pretty sweet. I can't get it out of my head. 

I spend my entire day telling kids to be nice to each other and that the world is already too mean to have another mean comment added. So now it's probably time to practice what I preach with a "good for her, not for me" mentality. 

Even though it was hard for me to get through some parts of the book, I definitely recommend!

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Monday, March 2, 2015

happy tools + happy list

I have been testing out different podcasts lately as i'm still trying to recover from Serial. A few weeks ago I stumbled upon a podcast called Happier. They said a few things that stuck out to me, but nothing more than this:

To be happier means reducing stress. That's why I live by the one-minute rule. In your house or at work, if something takes less than a minute to do, do it right then. This could mean hanging up your coat instead of throwing it over a chair, or answering a quick email. This prevents all the little stuff from building up so you can focus on the bigger stuff.

I don't really know why it struck such a cord with me but probably multiple times per hour since I have listened to the podcast I have had a little voice in my head say "one minute rule!" whenever I know a simple task can be accomplished right then and I start to walk away from it. 
I have officially been living the one minute rule for a week and I have to tell you, i'm diggin it. My closet is cleaner, I feel like a better wife and I honestly feel less stressed. Cleaning the house Saturday took a quarter of the time because I had spent a matter of seconds during the week taking care of things I don't take care of normally. The biggest thing for me is my shoes. I come into the house and ditch my shoes right by the door. It takes 24 seconds for me to run downstairs and put them in their proper place. I started to time it so that I can use it on myself when I try to make excuses. 

The only fall back is my less than one minute tasks started to add up. I was 5 minutes late for an appointment this week because I got caught up in doing a million "less than one minute" things. So, there's a balance. 

They also said in the podcast to move closer to work so you have a shorter commute. While I can see the happiness factor in this, I mean, I live at the point of the mountain so I know stupid traffic more than anyone, I actually have found that I really enjoy my commute. It gives me the chance to get ready for the day and unwind. So I think just giving yourself some time to let your brain transition each day, that's a good thing. 

What is something you have heard that makes you happier? 

Ok, now on to a happy list.

Mark going grocery shopping so I could stay home/// When Mark rants, it's so hilarious to me///Moochies///the dress debate (sorry, I love weird social media phenomenons like that)///getting my hunter boots that I got for CHRISTMAS in the mail two days ago, such terrible customer service///Mark printing out my entire Instagram feed on Chat Books!///starting to get better at braiding hair///when my students genuinely make me life instead of making me so angry///good blogs with good pictures///decorating my bulletin boards (seriously it's my biggest stress reliever! my room used to be an art room and i'm so grateful because I get to change 4 bulletin boards every other week)///Mark cuddling me as we look through tumblr together///turkey bacon///planning vacations///chocolate milk///Whiplash

I need to be better at writing down funny things people say. I also need to be better at being with other people that aren't Mark. 
Also, I finally scheduled a hair appointment. I am having such the crisis because I saw this picture, thought about how much I love her hair and realizing it was the same color as my hair? but I also have wanted this or this for quite some time so I just don't know.

Anyway, have a great week! If you are looking for something new to try, listen to the This American Life podcast. I love them all!

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