Thursday, March 26, 2015

happy list///life changes

I feel like i'm getting really bad at these. As life gets harder, I have a hard time finding the happy in the day to day. Which is pretty stupid, because it's usually those hard days that you need the little happy stuff the most. I'll work on it, that's all you can do I guess.
Here we go!
taking a day off and feeling seriously rejuvenated///seeing friends I haven't seen in a while///making homemade sushi that was delicious///running into a family with a quarter asian baby and talking to them for a while///gap outlet having a huge clearance, I got a sweater for like $1.50 and $60 jeans for $25///girl scout cookies///a new eos chapstick///wearing my saltwater sandals again!!!///being off soda for the longest in my life, feeling strangely liberated by it??(even though tbh, I don't feel any different at all)///gearing up to change my bulletin boards AGAIN :):):):)///looking at pretty new apartments///doing laundry perfectly///dress sale at Savers with Balongy (Codi)///convincing Mark to eat mexican food AND having leftovers///school lunch on wednesdays///getting our *NEW* *IMPROVED* apartment that we wanted! We were so nervous about not getting it. We move next weekend! Although, you will not see the actual act of moving on this happy list///
In other news, I decided I won't be returning to the school I am currently teaching at next year. It was a decision I went back and forth on for so long, even up until the actual day that I finally decided. They were going to move me to 8th grade U.S History which I was extremely excited about. However, I read THIS article by Emily Henderson and I realized I just needed to leave.  I am still going to be a teacher, just not at my current school. I will let you know where I am going a little later down the line. 
A big part of me is real sad to be leaving. I have found the dream team in terms of my co-workers and administrators. I'm so grateful for all the experiences I have had and will continue to have in the next two months.  I wish I was exaggerating when I say I learn something new every minute and a half. Makes a brain tired, but makes me a better teacher.  
Meanwhile, in the next two months, I will soak up all that my kids have to teach me. I will be a friggin sponge. I will take what they give me and go to another school and try a lot harder to be a lot better. 

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  1. I love how REAL you are. I wish you well with all your changes!!!!

  2. you be a sponge, gurl! what city are you moving to?