Monday, March 2, 2015

happy tools + happy list

I have been testing out different podcasts lately as i'm still trying to recover from Serial. A few weeks ago I stumbled upon a podcast called Happier. They said a few things that stuck out to me, but nothing more than this:

To be happier means reducing stress. That's why I live by the one-minute rule. In your house or at work, if something takes less than a minute to do, do it right then. This could mean hanging up your coat instead of throwing it over a chair, or answering a quick email. This prevents all the little stuff from building up so you can focus on the bigger stuff.

I don't really know why it struck such a cord with me but probably multiple times per hour since I have listened to the podcast I have had a little voice in my head say "one minute rule!" whenever I know a simple task can be accomplished right then and I start to walk away from it. 
I have officially been living the one minute rule for a week and I have to tell you, i'm diggin it. My closet is cleaner, I feel like a better wife and I honestly feel less stressed. Cleaning the house Saturday took a quarter of the time because I had spent a matter of seconds during the week taking care of things I don't take care of normally. The biggest thing for me is my shoes. I come into the house and ditch my shoes right by the door. It takes 24 seconds for me to run downstairs and put them in their proper place. I started to time it so that I can use it on myself when I try to make excuses. 

The only fall back is my less than one minute tasks started to add up. I was 5 minutes late for an appointment this week because I got caught up in doing a million "less than one minute" things. So, there's a balance. 

They also said in the podcast to move closer to work so you have a shorter commute. While I can see the happiness factor in this, I mean, I live at the point of the mountain so I know stupid traffic more than anyone, I actually have found that I really enjoy my commute. It gives me the chance to get ready for the day and unwind. So I think just giving yourself some time to let your brain transition each day, that's a good thing. 

What is something you have heard that makes you happier? 

Ok, now on to a happy list.

Mark going grocery shopping so I could stay home/// When Mark rants, it's so hilarious to me///Moochies///the dress debate (sorry, I love weird social media phenomenons like that)///getting my hunter boots that I got for CHRISTMAS in the mail two days ago, such terrible customer service///Mark printing out my entire Instagram feed on Chat Books!///starting to get better at braiding hair///when my students genuinely make me life instead of making me so angry///good blogs with good pictures///decorating my bulletin boards (seriously it's my biggest stress reliever! my room used to be an art room and i'm so grateful because I get to change 4 bulletin boards every other week)///Mark cuddling me as we look through tumblr together///turkey bacon///planning vacations///chocolate milk///Whiplash

I need to be better at writing down funny things people say. I also need to be better at being with other people that aren't Mark. 
Also, I finally scheduled a hair appointment. I am having such the crisis because I saw this picture, thought about how much I love her hair and realizing it was the same color as my hair? but I also have wanted this or this for quite some time so I just don't know.

Anyway, have a great week! If you are looking for something new to try, listen to the This American Life podcast. I love them all!

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  1. cuddling and looking at tumblr together. my favorite one!

  2. i'm still in serial recovery mode. nothing will ever compare so i've been listening to books on tape...but i'll have to look up "happier!" also - if you're looking for more podcasts, i usually LOVE radiolab. you know, before serial ruined everything for me.

    man, i could really use that 1 minute rule. i am so BAD at that - especially when it comes to putting away clothes/dishes. you've given me my weekly goal, so thank you!

  3. I live by the less than a minute rule too! It really helps so much.