Monday, March 16, 2015

new hair, kids care.

Last week I went from being a platinum blonde to having this pretty melt. I hmmmed and hawwed about the decision for months and then finally, I was just ready. It took a whopping five hours, turns out a reverse melt is not something you can just bang out.  I was feeling nervous about it but so many people loved it and so I felt better. I went to bed feeling like I had made such a good choice.

Then I woke up and went to school.

I felt like the change was pretty noticeable. I kept waiting for someone to say "Woah! You changed your hair!" But no, nothing. Then in my first period a kid said "Mrs. H, I think it's time to dye your hair. It looks all grown out." I started explaining "yeah, it's supposed to look like that" and not kidding, the look he gave me made me question my whole life and/or Pinterest.

Then one kid said "Did you dye your hair?" I said "Yes!" I was so excited that someone finally noticed. Then he gave me a look. It was like, tight sucked in lips with wide eyes. I was like "Ohh...shoot."

Then another period passed with no comments.

Then I had a kid say "Your hair looks exactly like Mrs. ________'s!!" Ok, um, Mrs._______ is literally 65 and her hair is gray as gray can be. I said "An old lady?????" and the student said "Yeah!" I just literally cannot anymore. 

Anyway, the hair has been an..adjustment. I really like it most of the day, but then some days I will catch my reflection and i'm like "My face is so dark..." so I dunno. Change is harder for me than most people. So we'll keep on keepin on.

 photo riley-sig_zps51d1cb9c.jpg


  1. I think it looks amazing! That's interesting about the first person who commented on it, because I'm pretty sure that ombre hair came out as a style because of people's roots beginning to show. Luckily, when an ombre is done right (which yours is) the blend looks really great, and not like someone's hair is just grown out. So that kid needs to recognize that your hair is done right and looks fantastic :) Hope the adjustment continues to go okay for you :)

  2. your hair look FAB. seriously - platinum is hard to keep up (speaking from experience) and i feel like a melt is a great transition. also - the things all these kids say make me LOL but i kinda want to slap them? and i'm wondering how you dont?

  3. It looks AMAZING! I super love it. Kids are hyper-critical, which mostly cracks me up, but I'm sorry they just don't "get" your hair. PS - You could totally be a Pinterest hair model with that picture.