Wednesday, April 22, 2015


I drive almost two hours a day to work and back. It used to be just under one, and then they started doing terrible construction by the point of the mountain. So I have become an avid podcast listener. This American Life is always my go to, but when I finish that, I move on to others. Occasionally I listen to a podcast called Happier. I wrote a post a while back about the "under a minute" rule and how it changed my life and my marriage, haha. 

Anyway, today I was listening to it and it was talking about a few interesting things, one was sleep and how many studies say that adults need 7 hours a night. The podcast lady was saying that she wrote a book about this and had to do extensive research into if this was a myth or not, she found out it wasn't. Seven hours, folks. A lot of people in the world, she said and i've personally noticed, say that they have "trained" themselves to function on five hours, or less. THIS IS NOT CORRECT. They did a huge study with a bunch of people who believe this and they were severely impaired compared to those who got the required hours of sleep. Also, fun fact, there are significantly less car accidents on daylight savings time because people get an extra hour of sleep. Crazy!

I can attest that sleep is so important. I was depressed for like two years of my life and then I discovered that by going to bed an hour and a half earlier, I was a significantly happier person. I'm a huge believer in sleep. It's literally my #1 priority. Ask Mark, he actually hates how much I prioritize sleep. I have never pulled an all nighter since student teaching to plan a lesson because I have learned it is just not worth it. Also, thank goodness for first period prep. 
If you are someone that has "trained" themselves to function on less than seven hours *cough cough dad cough cough* I have a message for you: You are NOT the exception, you are the rule. Go to bed earlier, get happier. 

Another interesting thing they said was that she surveyed all these different people and asked them what is something they do that makes them happier? Over 75% of them said making their bed. So that's my goal this week, make the bed every day and see how I feel. Try it with me! Also I really recommend the under a minute rule I linked to at the very beginning. Game changer, i'm telling you.

A few of my other favorite podcasts are: This American Life, Serial, Radio from Hell, Pop Culture Happy Hour, Stuff You Should Know and Ted Radio Hour.
Also I really want to start a podcast. Because why not. Currently hiring a co-star.
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  1. THE CONSTRUCTION AT POINT OF THE MOUNTAIN IS HELL. at first i was like, "oh, they let us all use the commuter lane, this is great!" but it literally makes no difference. i have been commuting an hour each way to slc for like almost 3 years, and when they added an extra 15 minutes to my drive each day, i was like I'VE HAD IT WITH YOU UTAH. so many caps! i feel so strongly about this! the good news is, we are about to move and i'll never have to deal with this again.

    anywayyyy...i don't know why i never knew about gretchin's podcast! i have read all of her books, so i am currently downloading the first 3 to listen to on my way home. THANK YOU! my suggestions are a) an audible account. i don't always love listening to books, since sometimes they are slow - but i have gotten through some great books with that. and b) radio lab! i always go back and forth if i like radio lab or this american life better, but i think i like radio lab. they produce a lot more podcasts, so you have a lot of choices. i also really like the hosts and 9/10 i am totally engrossed. give it a try! and thanks for reading my novel.