Sunday, April 5, 2015

the demise of Jean Ralphio

Man, I miss blogging. I feel so stupid saying that but hey, it's the truth. 

Let me start out by saying last week might have been the worst week of my life? Decision pending on that one, but it started with me getting some sort of stomach bug on Monday that would NOT leave me all week long. I was also just totally exhausted all week, it was all I could do to stay awake. So I took the day off Monday, Tuesday I felt super terrible but I had so many things to do that I just had to buck up. However I was almost two hours late for work because there was a huge crash on the freeway by my house. Thankful for my co-workers who take my classes when i'm like "AHHHHHH." Then Wednesday I was late due to traffic AGAIN and then Thursday I got some sort of stuffy nose sore throat type of flu, on top of my stomach flu. Ahhhh. But, back to Wednesday. 
  Wednesday we decided that we were going to move that day. We basically decided this in a split second and we had literally nothing packed. Now me, i'm a good mover. I have moved so many times I know how to be organized and make it painless for everyone involved. So deciding we were going to move in a matter of hours, that was nuts. Chaos insued. However, we did it! We moved! 

Before, we were living in a tiny tiny little cottage house. 

It was so cute, I loved it. However there were some serious flaws like...carpet in the kitchen and no a/c or dishwasher. Most of all, it was just pretty small in the areas we are in the most (kitchen, living room, office, etc.) so we decided it was time to make the switch. We found a beyond gorgeous basement apartment. 

Here's an unflattering picture of Mark!
The kitchen in this thing is bonkers, it's huge. Literally half of the apartment is the kitchen. We don't even know what to do with ourselves. We love it.

Anyway, with the move, I broke my dear deer Jean Ralphio. However I wasn't too sad about it. 

About a year ago, I went to the DI right when they first opened to get some vases for our wedding. Have you ever seen the DI when it first opens? It's sincerely insane. It's like Black Friday. Anyway they open the door and everyone runs in. I thought about going to the outdoor area first just to look around but then I convinced myself to stay the course and get what I came here for. About five minutes later I see a guy coming out of the outdoor place with one of THESE. I was absolutely furious at myself. I had wanted one for so long and this random guy got there first. So I was mourning about my loss and I went to Hobby Lobby and found Jean Ralphio. It was kind of like a rebound, I didn't super love him but I just wanted something taxidermied so I committed. When he broke I wasn't too upset, but I just didn't know what I could replace him with.

Yesterday I spent the majority of the day trying to find another Jean Ralphio with no success. So then I decided that I was going to try to get a gallery wall done without him. After a few hours of moving things around I think I was successful! I actually like my little wall a lot better without him! 

Mark has his own gallery wall too. It's just tons of movie and music posters all over the place. Basically our office looks like a bachelor pad with a little me in the corner. But he deserves it, so I let it stand. 

We're so happy to be in our new place, so happy to be done with the stomach flu and i'm SO SO SO happy that's it is spring break and I get a week off!

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  1. wasn't it you on IG that said you learned you don't have to have fake taxidermy to have a killer gallery wall? two thumbs up to that lesson and your gallery wall, it's goooooood. also that kitchen! i don't even cook - but i would cook for that kitchen!

  2. RIP Jean. There's a saying, "that 3 moves = a house fire" because your stuff gets broken, lost, or you just get rid of it. But I gotta say your decor is amazing (even without an animal head).
    It's so funny about your husband taking up most of your office. My husband has officially taken over our entire basement. The whole thing is just a man cave. And I asked him, isn't the garage supposed to be yours and the house mine? haha But whatever.