Friday, April 10, 2015


I have been on Spring Break this week and it's gone painfully fast. Tomorrow is the last day and honestly i'm kind of heartbroken about the whole thing.  Especially because this week I did a whole lot of nothin. I spent a whole day cleaning our old house, it was terrible. Anyway, I really needed something fun to do so I posted on a blog friends IRL page and I was like "yoooo I need friends plz" and the faithful Emily responded as well as a new friend Mindy! We started out at 180 Tacos in Provo for lunch which is always a favorite of mine. Then we hunted down some cool walls in Provo. We ended at the bakery next to Guru's. Mindy and I both got cheesecake and Emily got a chocolate croissant. It was so delicious!

Yeah, I learned pretty early on that i'm not the fashion blogger type. Mindy was there to coach me through it! I've gotten a lot of questions about my shirt--I saw it on Pinterest HERE and then I decided to DIY Screen Print one myself! I kind of messed up but you can't see it at all in these pictures so I call that a success! :) 
I stole this from Emily's blog because it's so cute and not even a FAKE laugh, a real one!!

Yummy cheesecake!

Thanks for a fun day, ladies!

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