Tuesday, May 12, 2015

happy list///a word or two about mother's day

I just got a phone call with THE BEST NEWS EVER. However, because i'm me, I have to wait a little bit before I let the cat out of the bag. 

Alright, a happy list

Cafe Rio tortilla soup. Holy. Cow.///rreallllllyyy cold water especially since my throat has been feeling like I swallowed razor blades///mint eos///cloudy with a chance of meatballs, one and two of course///dang good salsa///private collections ice cream///when my kids have no energy and are so quiet and i'm like YUP///my homeward bound shirt///sarah dessen's new book///finding an Aaron Carter cd in one of my really old books
So in case you somehow escaped social media on Sunday, it was Mother's Day. For some reason this year I had a few thoughts that were different than the normal thankfulness. 
One, I saw a lot of posts saying "I love my Mom because she loved me when I was impossible to love" or "I'm so thankful for my Mom because even though I did everything for her to stop loving me she kept giving me love"
That led me to think about a conversation that my Mom and I had right before I got married? Or I actually can't remember when, but I was almost done with college. Anyway, I was expressing to her how grateful I was to her when she loved me when I was so unloveable. She honestly gave me the strangest look and told me the thought never occurred to her not to!

I think that we don't give our mama's enough credit. I haven't been a Mom but from what I understand it's the most unconditional love that has ever existed. So as bad as we sometimes think we are, as unloveable as we think we may be, I don't think we are.
See Also: Jesus

Another thought I had is how cool it has been to see ladies my age have babies and morph into these super moms! Maybe it's because I think about having another human life depend on me 100% and I have a mini freak out. I'm just so darn proud of those ladies, especially because a lot of people hate on them for some reason.


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