Saturday, May 16, 2015

Inside My Classroom

School, man.
We have less than 14 school days left! Every day I take a paper chain off and the kids lose their mind a little bit more. Note to self: No paper chain next year. While 14 days seems short, it reality it means that I have two more units left so everyone just needs to calm down around here.

Speaking of, if anyone knows a Vietnam Vet that wants to come talk to some cute sixth graders, I would love that!

Since I am leaving my district, (and i'm about to tell everyone where I am going to! yay!) I have to give my sweet baby laptop back. So I have been starting to move all my crap onto my hard drive. I found a ton of pictures of stuff that we have done this year and want to share them, if you would like to see!

When you are a teacher, you tend to get asked a lot about your teaching style. Mine is pretty simple: NO POWERPOINTS. I will go out of my way to NOT do a powerpoint. I can't deal with them. So this is me teaching my kids and not dealing with powerpoints. 

When talking Renaissance, we compared pre-Renaissance paintings to the Mona Lisa. Then we talked about how the Mona Lisa would be portrayed today. This is what my kids came up with: 

Turns out this was a pretty good way for me to get to know the kids, too. All of the Mona Lisa's were so different and equally awesome.

Then we talked Michelangelo. Here my kids are painting under their desks like Michelangelo. Their favorite thing so far. 

I tried it myself, it is so hard!

My classroom used to be an art room so I have ginormous bulletin boards that I every week. It's my favorite thing to do. Apparently my favorite thing to not do is take pictures of them, because this is the only one I have. Kids have a really hard time understanding time and events so I really like timelines. Super visual way for the kids to get it. 

Also sorry my line is un-even. 7th grade teacher aides try their best, guys.

When we were talking about the Industrial Revolution, we talked a lot about child labor and how it still happens today. All the kids picked a company to write to and ask about their child labor policies. We wrote to over 50 companies and only three wrote back. Lego, Crayola, and Apple! Crayola sent some crayons to my student and Apple sent Apple stickers! My kids were so beyond excited. 

I love teaching History sooooo much! I love my kids a lot too. I get really frustrated with them but I know for a 100% fact that I will miss them, bad.

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