Thursday, June 11, 2015

happy list + camera advice?

First of all, thanks for all the love on my internet hate post. I'm so glad i'm not the only one who feels this way! Keep finding happy things in life.
This is a combo of happy lists I have saved in the drafts. Why do I do that?! Just save a bunch of drafts and never publish. Who knows.

summer vacation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!///my parents bathtub with my Mom's stress relief bubbles and lotion///getting my first bath bomb from lush///my dogs being so cuddly///rewatching America's Next Top Model from the beginning, so hilarious///finding a pretty dress at goodwill for $3///forgetting my curling iron, borrowing one from #mybbmaddie (see twitter) and having my curls turn out way better than ever???//////king sized bed///taking a much need shower///having my hair be uber soft lately///a clean car (Obviously Mark's, not mine ever haha)///artic circle corndog meal haha///wearing nikes to school, no blistered feet at the end of the day///michael's dollar section///my kid who came to school dressed as John Lennon///Sunday lasting an eternity! Relaxation!///Entourage///my little niece grabbing my face really softly to tell me a secret. I die.///smores cereal from winco///the bulk candy section from winco, while we're at it///hummus///being called healthy? I was like do you know who I am????///having alllllllll the time to read///plus size model blogs///

I have so many friends who say funny things but I never write them down! The only thing I remember is the other day in the car I was making a series of really gross faces and Mark was describing each one. I made one and he said "That's the Young Women's Medallion Face"

Oh yeah, and Brooklyn and I were watching tv and they said "bang for your buck" 
Brooklyn looks at me with the widest eyes and said, horrified, "butt!?!?!"
She's four. Haha
Lady at the gym today after I limped into the locker room because I AM SO SORE "....are you..okay?" 

Also, I have spent the last month researching cameras. I have decided I want a Canon, decided I want a 50 mm lens, NOT a kit lens. Now I have narrowed it down to two choices as far as the body goes. The Canon t3i and the Canon t3.  I really want the t3i because of the better video quality, but is it worth the price? Not sure. Does anyone have any one of these cameras that can weigh in?

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  1. Talk to Crystal about your camera dilemma. She can help...and she also works at Pictureline (possible discount???)

  2. omg i loled so much about the "bang for your butt" thing. that's gonna be my new catchphrase.