Sunday, June 7, 2015

the internet is a scary place

Lately I have been down, in a major way, on the internet. By internet, I pretty much mean facebook. But also maybe a few other things as well.

I feel like I have some something? that makes me absorb the energy around me way more than normal. I just get so effected by things. So a few weeks ago I realized I was seeing nothing but negative posts and I really feel like it made me in a weird mood like, all the time.
Then  Caitlyn Jenner happened and it. was. like. a. flood.
THEN! it was the Pride Parade in SLC this weekend. That was a whole other flood. Noah status. The comments on a KSL article were making me straight up sick. I don't think I have truly understood hate until today. Dead serious.
 I absolutely cannot believe what people are saying about other humans. I agree with my friend Leah, it's just our job to be nice. 
I can't quit the internet. I feel like in this world it doesn't make sense. It's like being scared of getting in a car accident so you just decide not to drive. So I have been trying to go out of my way to find the good things in this world wide webzzz. It's hard! It's so hard. It shouldn't be, but it is. 
Have you guys seen any particularly positive stories around here lately? What do you guys think about the internet these days?
Also I took a quiz on buzzfeed about how old I am according to my interaction with technology. I got 64. Goodbye cruel world.

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  1. YES. Follow Hellogiggles. I mean like them on Facebook and they will show up in your newsfeed. Also, follow Bored Panda on Bloglovin' and they post tons of cool stuff. Most of which is all positive. Also, you can unfollow people on Facebook but still be friends with them. That's what I would do if I were you, just to anyone who is really political and opposite of you. I kept all the liberal people and just hid the really conservative people from showing up on my feed! Um, also on Instagram I make sure to follow some pretty accounts just to sooth the soul. @jayalvarrez and @alexisren are my favorites because they are cute and just travel the world. Um... Yeah. That's basically all the suggestions I have. Also, just as a general rule I don't look at the news. Or like stories that are posted on Facebook unless they are something I agree with. And I NEVER read comments haha. Because people are the worst. Anyway. Yes. Those are my suggestions. I get really affected by my surroundings too! So, I've kinda lifehacked my life so I don't get as bummed haha. But, some stuff is just unavoidable so have a happy plan. My happy plan is taking off all my clothes, going in the basement/where it's cold, cuddling with either Trixie or Jake, and eating a delicious treat. TMI maybe, but it works hahahahaha.

  2. yes yes yes. People are awful. why do people seem to care so much about choices that don't effect them? Drives me crazy.