Thursday, July 30, 2015


Man, i'm kind of super disappointed in myself because I went three days without posting. I was just like "if I take a picture today, it will be way subpar and I can't put that negative energy into the world. However I realized that it actually doesn't matter and that it isn't the point and I need to get over myself. So here are the last few weeks-ish.

I think it's like...the most hilarious thing that people wonder if Mark and I are together/still married/ happy because he doesn't grace my pictures a lot! Like that is just the funniest concept to me. So here is a picture that proves that we are in fact, together and happy. Well, we are at Twilight here so I am actually not too happy at all. But ya know, happy in general.

My in-laws got home from their month long visit to Japan! My MIL is actually from Japan and her whole family is there. It was fun to look at pictures! They brought us back a lot of goodies. They also brought us back a lot of cooking stuff because it is THE best. Also see those cups? They are hand carved crystal and apparently super expensive. They were a wedding gift from...someone. I don't really know where to put them! I need like an old woman curio. They are super beautiful!

I made this shirt for the first week of flog times haha

i'm a sucker for this crap

Some days I just stop and reflect on how much I love the Kardashians. I know the connotation that comes with that but I just think they are bad bitches and have made this crazy empire out of nothing, because of nothing and everyone who hates on them is secretly jealous. HA.

We had to play car swap at the airport for the in-laws and it was kkkiiiiiillllinggg me to not be going anywhere. I was so sad. 

So I tried Reddit gift exchange for the first time and I was UNIMPRESSED. Mainly because my person picked up my info and I never got anything. It was so dumb. However the girl I picked out colors for was really grateful so hey, that's something.

My favorite print, it's huge in our living room in a gold frame until I transport it to my classroom.

I have to weed our garden once a week for the older people that live above us and it bums me out every week. However these give me a little bit of happiness!

Man, my hair was just WORKING FOR ME this day. I was also wearing an Old Navy jersey swing dress because I heard that it works miracles on the average joe and I bought it and it is amazing and I need every color.

...I wanted to like it. I did. I couldn't. 

My cute lil bookshelf! 
Crafting for my classroom!

In the car after I ate these nachos I turned to Mark and I said "Bottom line, I just love nacho cheese." and Mark said "You probably shouldn't tell anyone that..."
 I was asked to co-host a shower! It makes sense that the person who asked me to cohost doesn't know me at all because when I get in party planning mode, i'm there and it's for real. I was practicing something that I hope turned out ok, I really liked the way it turned out but we'll see...anyway the shower theme is flowers and watercolor which I realize sounds weird and that's because I couldn't decide between the two so I did it all. 

If you don't follow Utah Sweet Savings or Freebies2Deals I question your life. They are the reason I know about 99% of any deal that is in my life. A while ago one of them posted about this truly ginormous Olaf and it was $50 but it was on sale for...yep, $2. I bought it. I have no idea why. Mark hates him. I love him. He will probably end up in my classroom.

More classroom crafts...

and last but not least, the most recent pic. I decided to go get some moles checked out after a close family member has been dealing with melanoma. The doctor checked me all out and decided to remove the two on my face. It totally wasn't cosmetic, these moles are apart of me, always have been! I just want to be sure i'm healthy and the doctor thought they looked abnormal plus they have been growing and changing color, so I went under the knife, (which was actually a little traumatizing! So much blood!)

Anyway, most of my life I have just hated sunscreen. I truly believed that being tan with cancer was better than being pale and ugly. I am so grossed out by that thought. This picture was one of my worse burns but definitely not THE worst. My poor skin!

(also, in case you needed more convincing, I have like at least 20x the amount of moles on my back today then I did in this picture. I know because the doctor counted them yesterday, haha)

I had a crazy come to Jesus moment when I realized that my family member could get really sick or could die. That kind of coincided with this video that weirdly, convinced me to start wearing freaking sunscreen. So the past few years I have been a sunscreen freak. I don't buy makeup that has less than 55 spf. I make sure I have the sunscreen with the highest zinc even if it is most expensive.  I actually kind of get personally offended when people use tanning oil or tanning beds.  It's 2015, guys. Why are we smoking and tanning?! Haha, but also why am I addicted to soda? We all have our things I guess!

Anyway, I get to rock these bandaides for a week, maybe longer if I am really feeling like I don't want to have two scars on my face. I don't, so it will probably be much longer than a week. I got ones that are a lot less crazy that I will use when the bleeding chills out for like one second...geeze. (TMI? YUP!)

Have a good week!

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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

help me help you help you?

Hiii guyys.
So here I am again, working the system and telling you how you can get free clothes. I do this a lot and it's kind of weird that no one takes me seriously? I did it here and I had a few friends who followed my lead and they got tons of cute clothes for basically nothing and were freakin overjoyed. However it was only a few friends and I was like "dudes what??"
Then I told people about the Agnes & Dora warehouse sale that was last Thursday and let me tell you, if you weren't there then you truly are an idiot because it was amazing. Basically everything was $5.00 and I got an entire new wardrobe for nothing. I am working on a post about that because Emily and I had a hayday and i'm still on an adrenaline high.
So anyway, here I am again, telling you guys that you can get clothes for free. Will anyone listen? Who knows. Am I bitter? Absolutely. Haha just kidding, but really, not sure why people don't listen to me. Almost my entire closet has been bought on some scheme like this. I don't pay full price. There are just too many ways to not pay full price.
So I had heard of thredup as a competitor of twice, the aforementioned company who I really do love,(and has sold their technology to ebay. RIP Twice)
anywayyy so I checked thredup out to see what it had to offer.
Short answer? A lot. I had so many things in my cart and I had to majorly edit. When my stuff got here it had the tags on it and was wrapped up really nicely and overall I was just super impressed with the experience.
So here is where I am honest with you. If you sign up, you get $20.00 to spend on the site. It's a straight up $20.00, no minimum spending limit. So even if you factor shipping in, that is still an item of clothing + an accessory, and that's if you don't shop the sale.
Once you place your first order and let's be honest, why wouldn't you??? It's like someone handing you a $20 bill and you throwing it in the garbage? (sorry, I get weirdly hyped about people wasting opportunities like this) 
So once you place your first order and it ships, I get a $20 credit too. So it's like, hello! Both of us win! 
Anyway, you have to sign up with THIS LINK to get the deal. should.
Here are some things I like on the site, in case you are still not convinced (???)
*Disclaimer--so if you click on any of the following links before you sign up using the above link, it will make you sign up and it won't give you the credit. Just an FYI from some feedback I have received from others trying it out.*

Dolce Vida Sandals--cute stuff, man.
These Madewell flats are super adorable
These kind of places are where I buy most of my work dress pants. I can't afford to buy JCrew from the store on a teachers salary so these sites are where it's at. 
If you want an eshakti dress that I rave about but hate the price tag (I get it, man) then here is your chance! Talkin to you, size 6! 
(5) (6) (7) (8)
ASOS is one of my favorite brands but I don't order from them as much as I would like because they just never ever have deals. A lot of the stuff on thredup still has tags so it's pretty much new!
Olive Green is one of my favorite colors to wear and this dress looks baggy and weird on the mannequin but that's how I know it's the perfect amount of baggy. 
Super pretty Banana Republic dress!
I told myself I was only going to do ten favorites but I can't stop myself. There is so much on this website that no end of the browsing exists. So here are a few more!
(11) (12) (13) (14) (15)

Also, in case you are sketched out for some reason, I basically forced my sister to do this and it all worked out exactly how it was supposed to. Plus this company has been around for quite sometime so, it's all good.
ALSO (one last also, I promise) this isn't a sponsored post like most blogger posts are sponsored. This is like....I want you to have cute clothes and I know you want me to have cute clothes if you are a nice person so let's just have cute clothes together already gosh darnit! 
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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

how to---make a fluffy abominable snowman pillow!

Here we are! Week 2 of the Flog series! If you remember, I am doing a four week vlog series with a bunch of my bloggie friends and this week's prompt was a "how to" video.  
This week was really weird reaaaaallly weird.  Apparently I was lonely on the day I filmed this tutorial?? Or something?? But I was just talking the cameras ear off!!! Like I filmed over an hour and I had to edit down to only seven minutes so needless to say, it's a bit awkward on the editing side. Also, I was talking so much that I never noticed when my camera would cut out because the memory card was full, so there are a few awkward pieces in there. 
Also, I had to re-edit literally three different times because my words and the video weren't matching! It was so frustrating. Hopefully I got it to work!
I am watching it and I realized the last minute or so doesn't match up. Oh well! I'm over it at this point hahaha
I'm kind of embarrassed to be putting this out there because it's sooo awkward and just plain bad, but I got a nice and cute fluffy pillow out of the ordeal so, why not? 
.I have two more weeks to go! Next week is showing a routine I have in my life..I am at a total and complete loss so... this should be interesting. 

P.S---Sorry this video is out of focus most of the time, i'm still learning how to work with my camera!
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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

welcome to me!

Fun fact: Right after the movie Welcome to Me movie with Kristen Wiig came out, I made a blogger account with the blog name "Welcome To Me" because I just really like how it sounds. What do you guys think? Lately I have been thinking about it like once a day, so maybe it is a sign. BUT since I am a indecisive disaster I need input.
Second fun fact: In high school I was on SPARTAN VISION! It was MHS's news crew and I loved loved loved loved it. It was the pinnacle of my high school experience and it awoken a love of film and editing in me. I have since had a few film projects that have taken me hours and hours to edit and I honestly loved every second of it. So, when Leah started the FLOG project I was literally all over it. I need a reason to film and edit and this gave me just that!
So here is week one of the FLOG project. It's definitely not exactly what I wanted but it was just so fun putting it together. 
Also, we all hate our own voices right? Right. Okay. 
Join the FlOG team! It's fun! Next weeks prompt is a "How To" vid. I have 0 ideas so this should be super interesting....haha! 

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Monday, July 20, 2015

happy list

^^^dr suess tree on our walk!

^^^playing with my new lens

^^^^he's single, laydeez

^^such a weird picture of us I can't get over it

friend sleepovers!?//cheezits///OUR KING BED!!! :))))///Ikea///fb yardsale sites make me lol///redecorating///clean houses///bobble heads lol////calling a sub for primary, just because we needed a b r e a k, wooooops///new shoes///day date with my mama///when new friends start serial///my parents redoing the upstairs, it looks so good!///my mom and her lolness, I have the funniest story about her but I can't put it on the blog and i'm so sad///my ipsy bag///sitting by puppies an an outside concert///seeing old friends///sushi///the cutest japanese candy my in laws brought back///prime day fail tweets///snapchat///suicide squad trailer///making an awesome unit for my lil guys///fresh haircuts///this dress, go buy it now. it's straight up heaven///trying to make fried ice cream===big lols

I was reading my twitter to try and remember what I was happy about this last week and it was all really negative?? haha I don't feel like I had a bad week but maybe I did? So I am gonna work on that for sure! 
I realized I have three more weekends of summer and i'm like "what? how? AHHHH!" and i'm really scared but also ready to not feel like a pointless human every day. I will be working really hard these last three weeks to get ready! Pray for me!

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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

why I could never work from home

This summer was supposed to be dedicated to getting prepared for my school year. I was so completely and laughably unprepared when I started in January last year, I wanted to be way more on top of things. Today pretty much was a usual day for me.

I woke up early to lesson plan and GET SHIZ DONE! So I woke up when Mark left for work at 6:30. Well, I woke up to kiss him goodbye. Then I laid in bed till 8:45. 

Then I got up and was starving, so I decided to make a smoothie. I opened the fridge to get my smoothie stuff out and I saw the pepperjack cheese we just bought and "EGG SANDWICH" popped into my head. So I spent the next hour crafting the most beautiful and delicious egg sandwich.

As I was eating I decided to entertain myself by turning on Gilmore Girls, just for a second. Ended up watching two episodes. 

Then I decided it was time to get to lesson planning! So I cleaned up my breakfast plate..well, I tried but the dishwasher had clean dishes in it so I had to unload and then reload. Then I wiped down the counters and decided to sweep and mop the kitchen floor. But then you can't have a clean kitchen floor and not have clean carpets, so I vacuumed. Which led me to making my bed and putting laundry away since I was in the bedroom vacuuming.

So then since I was sweaty from cleaning I decided I would go to the gym. On the way home from the gym I stopped at Walmart to pick up a few things...

I came home and showered. I got out of the shower and realized my skin needed extra love, so I  gave myself a facial. 

Once I was done with that, I finally got dressed. It took me a while to choose clothes that were comfy enough that I could work for hours on end. Once I was done choosing I had clothes everywhere, so I had to put those away. That led me to realize that Mark's work clothes for tomorrow needed to be washed, so I had to do a little laundry. 

Once that was done I went into my office to get really serious. I sat down and checked my email after browsing the social networks and noticed Old Navy was having a big sale! So obviously, I perused. Then I realized that it was almost 3:00 and no planning has been done and Mark would be home very soon. So I thought about my day and how much lesson planning I hadn't done and I thought, "Man, I could get a few things done in the half hour before Mark gets home. Better get to making up the day that I lost!"

and then I typed in and here I am, writing this blog post. Mark will be home in five minutes. Better luck tomorrow, I guess.

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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

food appreciation post

I have had this post sitting in my drafts forever and I just slowly add pictures to the thing. Today is the day I post. Mostly because I just woke up and i'm hungry.

A while ago Mark's Mom, who is real life from Japan, taught us how to make homemade sushi which was really fun. Before the summer is over Mark and I are going to throw a sushi bar party. It's really yummy and just all around fun/satisfying. 

So if you didn't know, my favorite food is soup. Any kind of soup, I don't really discriminate. So I thought it was high time I tried pho. I didn't actually love it that much for some reason? It was a struggle to get down, tbh. However it looked v pretty.

Mark and I went to the Dodo one day...actually for our one year anniversary. In hind sight i'm like why but.....oh well. It was really delicious. 

Occasionally we will hit the food truck roundups at various places in Utah. I know food trucks are like super trendy right now but can we all just agree that they are about as much, if not more pricey than going out to eat at a fairly nice place? BUT IT'S THE EXPERIENCE! So I don't mind paying. Our favorite is the Provo food truck roundup but we went to Orem's and it was a lot better in terms of less people and more seating. 

Yum yum yum!

Oh, and I have wanted a place to talk about my morning smoothie ritual. I know a lot of people have coffee rituals but I have to resort to something else. So I found this smoothie combo on Pinterest and it's pretty much all I have been eating/drinking....haha but it's spinach, strawberries, banana, greek yogurt, I usually go with the vanilla flavor and then vanilla almond milk and ice. It's so freaking delicious and it keeps me full in the mornings which is rare. Usually after I eat breakfast I need a second breakfast but now I just need the smoothie and i'm good till 1:30 or 2:00! Anyway I also like it because I can grind up this nasty medicine that I have to take into the smoothie and I am never the wiser!! I want to try it with other berries, but I highly recommend.

Now I am gonna go drink my smoothie and watch Gilmore Girls to wake up! 
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Thursday, July 9, 2015

things I love thursday

It's been forever, forever, forever since I have done one of these. I looked and yep, it's been almost a year. So, here we go!

So, I have been on a new makeup kick lately. I have decided to force myself out of my old routines to see if anything bigger and better was waiting for me. I have found so many good products you guys, I can't believe it.

The first one is Neutrogena's Healthy Skin makeup. Ever since coming back from Maryland, my skin has been so dry. My face just feels so tight and sad. So I was researching different makeups and this one came up multiple times. I have the liquid (HERE) and also the powder (HERE )
I decided that I prefer the powder because 1. I am not a liquid person 2. The powder has a high SPF and sun protection is so incredibly important to me
Anyway, my skin has totally changed. I don't throw around "miracle product" often but this one absolutely is a miracle product.

In addition to my face being dry, it's also always My Mom has a red face/neck (like literally everyone thinks she is always sunburned) so I inherited that lovely gene. So I was researching cremes for red faces and I came across L'oreal Paris BB creme for redness Here. I was super freaked out because I put it on and the stuff was green! Full on friggin green. So I put it on my face and my face turned ORANGE. Like bad bad spray tan orange. I was horrified. HOWEVER! I let it sit for a few minutes and it absorbed. My face looked normal! Better than normal, it looked NOT RED! It was ahhhmazing.

Ok, keeping on the makeup train...I made a video about the next product because I got it in my Ipsy bag. I have shot the video literally 6 times and something has gone wrong every time hahaha so I will probably never post that unfortuntaely. However, the product is still awesome. It's not only a leave in conditioner, it's THE BEST leave in conditioner. Pure Brazillian Conditioner! Find it (here) My hair is really really really hard to brush when I get out of the shower. A million deep conditions can't fix years of box dyeing! (By the way DON'T box dye your hair!!!!!!!!!)  anyway, I have tried so many leave in conditioners and this is the only one that doesn't leave my hair greasy or heavy afterwards. Plus it smells great, not overwhelmingly beachy AND I have used the crap out of it and I still have so much left. 

Lastly, my curling iron that was made for a 12 year old. I was at my parents house stranded without a curling iron and so I used one that my cousin had left. IT CURLED MY HAIR BEAUTIFULLY! My curls were a little tight and corkscrewy, but then I brushed my hair and it was freaking amazing. It also kept my hair curled for much, much longer than normal. I was obsessed and I ordered mine the second I got home. I cannot emphasize enough how much you need this curling iron if you are seeking beachy, beautiful waves. Plus, they have stopped making this kind! So get on it! Find it for the cheapest here!  
Ok, maybe I will do this more than once a week!



So last week on my blog instagram (@ rileyjoblog) I started a project 365 with my bloggie buds Emily, Leah and Beverly. Basically a project 365 is posting a photo every day for a year, acting as a photo journal type thing. Except we decided to start it halfway through the year, hence the project180 hashtag. It's been a really fun way to document what I did that day! It's also been good in the summer because a lot of times I feel like I just am lazy or I plan lessons, but there is always some sort of little highlight.
Mark has been funny with it. On Sunday he would catch me taking pictures of stuff to post and he was like "Don't do that! That's settling!!!" hahahaha and hey, he was right! 
Anyway, here has been the last few days!
I started to plan! I am kind of starting to get eager to go back, that orrrrr i'm just tired of having 1st day of school nightmares!

Mark and I have a graveyard by our house so we went for a walk and tried to find the oldest grave, because we are sick people? It was a nice walk though, the weather was perfect. We found a grave that that had just dug and I got way creeped out so we left...haha
4th of July! You guys know all about that.

I got spotlighted in primary on Sunday. I really dislike my calling....hahaah maybe I am gonna get in trouble for saying that, but it's just very frustrating that the manual seems to not understand 4 year olds whatsoever. It wanted us to give the kids some scenarios and ask them if it was good or bad and one of the scenarios was:
"Your older brother's friend brings some beer to your house while your parents are gone. What should you do??"

Ok, two things. One, this could be good maybe? to prepare the kids for alcohol? But also, have you met a 4 year old? I'm curious what you guys think about this!

I ran like a freaking CHAMP a few days ago. I never have ran as fast for as long! However the next day I was s t r u g g l i n g. So I dunno. Maybe a fluke!

I had to buy 200 notebooks for my kids at Walmart. The lady was insistent that she had to scan every single notebook (she was old and cute and just doing her best!!!!!!!!!!!) The people behind me got so mad. I was stressed. The end. 

Karly's fiance lives far far away and Karly needs help I was a stand in fiance and we registered. The lady for sure thought we were together which is totally fine with us.

So a while ago I got on a weird hormonal kick (not pregnant, just hormonal in general) and I like had a break down because I kind of hate our apartment? I love our apartment because of an ENDLESS LIST of reasons but the layout is SO weird. Mainly, our parents have a king bed that they offered us because I mentioned how good I sleep in that bed and it won't fit in our awkward bedroom. I'm seriously sad about it. 
So I decided to decorate the apartment a little more to help me feel better. I found this on pinterest and decided to recreate! It was quite the ordeal, the cording I used to create the geometric shapes is only offered at Hobby Lobby and they were sold out for a month! So finally it came in and I was able to finish. Well, kind of. I still have to hang pictures.
Anyway, that's project 180 for the last few days! 

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