Monday, July 6, 2015

4th of july

We had a great 4th of July! I found a few years ago that the key is to have fairly low expectations for any holiday...hahaha #adulthood
Anyway, we made homemade Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch, then went to a family party, and then the Real game!

Here are some piczzzz...

My nephew Josh is probably theeee cutest. He loves to say "What doin what doin what doin what doin Lileee??" and I melt. Also, #mybbmaddie

Hallie just chillin makes me lol 

My cousin made this raspberry sherbet with raspberries and bananas and other crap and it was muy bueno. 

So we bought tickets off KSL and we thought they might be sketchy but they were amazing. Right down the middle, 7 rows up. We made the financial choice tonight to get season tix next year. 

I know, my fingers are weird. BUT MY PATRIOTIC NAILS!

K I include this picture because it was a wtf moment of the night. While the players were warming up the sprinklers suddenly came on. Everyone laughed like "What a silly mistake! Someone forgot to turn the sprinklers off!" Then, an ad came on the giant screen about how to reduce your water usage by turning off your sprinklers one more day a week. Isn't that so weird?? They have a commercial about conserving water and in the process.....turn on the sprinklers. It was odd. 

The field before the fireworks....
 It didn't rain on us and we were soo thankful! The weather was literal perfection.

I was kind of set on watching the fireworks but I was SO HUNGRY I didn't think I was gonna make it through, so we walked to the car. We parked in a weird place so we had to walk down this canal road to get to our car. Anyway, I was feeling a little bummed that we couldn't see fireworks when all of the sudden the fireworks went off RIGHT ABOVE US. Like literally they were shooting them off like 100 feet away! I have never been so close to fireworks, we stayed and watched them there. It was so cool. 

So back to me being totally starving, we went to McDonalds because we figured that would be the only thing that would be open. THEY WERE CLOSED!! I had a heart attack mostly because I was crossing the border into hangry land. So we went to Burger King fully expecting it to be closed. We pulled up and all of the employees were sitting on the curb lighting fireworks off in the parking lot. Mark asked them if they were open and they said that the drive through we pulled into the drive through and they were so disappointed! I felt so bad we ruined their night but also I was hoping they washed their hands...

Anyway, hope you had a great 4th! We always do! 

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