Tuesday, July 14, 2015

food appreciation post

I have had this post sitting in my drafts forever and I just slowly add pictures to the thing. Today is the day I post. Mostly because I just woke up and i'm hungry.

A while ago Mark's Mom, who is real life from Japan, taught us how to make homemade sushi which was really fun. Before the summer is over Mark and I are going to throw a sushi bar party. It's really yummy and just all around fun/satisfying. 

So if you didn't know, my favorite food is soup. Any kind of soup, I don't really discriminate. So I thought it was high time I tried pho. I didn't actually love it that much for some reason? It was a struggle to get down, tbh. However it looked v pretty.

Mark and I went to the Dodo one day...actually for our one year anniversary. In hind sight i'm like why but.....oh well. It was really delicious. 

Occasionally we will hit the food truck roundups at various places in Utah. I know food trucks are like super trendy right now but can we all just agree that they are about as much, if not more pricey than going out to eat at a fairly nice place? BUT IT'S THE EXPERIENCE! So I don't mind paying. Our favorite is the Provo food truck roundup but we went to Orem's and it was a lot better in terms of less people and more seating. 

Yum yum yum!

Oh, and I have wanted a place to talk about my morning smoothie ritual. I know a lot of people have coffee rituals but I have to resort to something else. So I found this smoothie combo on Pinterest and it's pretty much all I have been eating/drinking....haha but it's spinach, strawberries, banana, greek yogurt, I usually go with the vanilla flavor and then vanilla almond milk and ice. It's so freaking delicious and it keeps me full in the mornings which is rare. Usually after I eat breakfast I need a second breakfast but now I just need the smoothie and i'm good till 1:30 or 2:00! Anyway I also like it because I can grind up this nasty medicine that I have to take into the smoothie and I am never the wiser!! I want to try it with other berries, but I highly recommend.

Now I am gonna go drink my smoothie and watch Gilmore Girls to wake up! 
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  1. Please invite us to your sushi bar party.

    Did you go to The Dodo cause Willivia/Utah Grubs? Cause it's on my list and now I'm wondering if I should remove it?


    Props to you for writing this post in the morning :)