Friday, July 3, 2015


I feel like I have been noticing a lot more happy things in my life lately. Mark has had a few days off and I just love having him home and hanging out with me! 
McDonald's replacing their Dr. Pepper syrup RIGHT BEFORE I ORDERED!! It was the most beautiful drink///making the best nachos at home///ORDERING MY CAMMMMERRRA! Mark told me I could order my birthday present early since I wouldn't stop bugging him about getting a nice camera and some lenses///finally getting a printer? weird grown up things make me happy///Mark and I incorporating Life of Bon's spending plan and it's made us both 100% happier///figuring out 4th of July plans///Inside Out, and Mark's cuteness about how much he loved it///Cubby's///Having organized drawers///Ipsy!///Finally getting motivated to start working on stuff for the school year///having a craft turn out well for once///figuring out my classroom and getting orrrrrgannnized///finding amazing stuff at goodwill///getting a new pair of sunglasses that came in this case that looks like a cube of butter. I keep looking at it and mistaking it for butter and it makes me lol///gold spray paint///when I thought I messed up on chocolate chip cookies but they actually came out DEELISH///driving our new car for the first time///my chocolate chip that looked like ap peen??? sorry if this offends you but it's real life. text me for a pic///freaking insane-os on the facebook yard sale groups///kim k on the rolling stone cover. sorry I have low entertainment morals///our freezing cold basement///gilmore guys podcast///purity ring///
K I gotta stop because at some point people stop reading but just know-------THERE IS MORE. 
Ok, funny things people (Mark) have said..

Mark is the funniest person ever, i'm not just saying that because i'm married to him either. I called him an onion the other day because unless you know him really well, you don't know him at all! He was offended that I compared him to Shrek, naturally. BUT! Anyway! He has just been extra funny the past few weeks and of course I only wrote down two of them. 
As we were shopping for shrimp for dinner... "Oh man! The sea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
After buying tickets for Inside Out "I'm definitely gonna cry during this movie"

Most of these quotes I do on these happy lists are "ya had to be there" quotes. Oh well!

ANYWAY. 4th of July is this weekend and i'm so happy. Just like any other basic white gurl I love the 4th. We are going to a family bbq and then going to the real game! 
Here are some throwback picz of the last few 4ths around these parts. 

Last year was so amazing, not sure anything can top it. Being in D.C for the 4th was the ultimate American experience, I think. I made a video to go along with it, you can watch that here.

The summer before...I don't remember what we did? Obviously nothing huge, but hey, I had these American Flag shorts and a newborn in my arms so three emoji thumbs up.

The year before that, Mark was on his mission so I went to the real game with my favorite twitter peeps @bfordham6 and @ryansnow125
It was fun fun fun fun! Also I am like 35 pounds lighter in this picture and IT SHOWS. And after I hit publish I am going to the gym. Amen.

Any fun plans for the 4th?? Have a good one!

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  1. Inside Out was soooooo goooood! I cried at the beginning, middle, and end! Definitely going on my happy list.

    1. IT WAS SO GOOD!! Someone posted that they hated it and I was like, "annnnd now I don't trust or respect you as a person!"

    lol the chocolate chip penis. me and jake keep saying, "tbt the chocolate weiner" and then we laugh.

    1. Wait the chocolate wiener like MY chocolate wiener!?!? I'm so honored!

    2. Wait not like my wiener ahh you understand

    3. and I commented from the wrong account ugh