Monday, July 20, 2015

happy list

^^^dr suess tree on our walk!

^^^playing with my new lens

^^^^he's single, laydeez

^^such a weird picture of us I can't get over it

friend sleepovers!?//cheezits///OUR KING BED!!! :))))///Ikea///fb yardsale sites make me lol///redecorating///clean houses///bobble heads lol////calling a sub for primary, just because we needed a b r e a k, wooooops///new shoes///day date with my mama///when new friends start serial///my parents redoing the upstairs, it looks so good!///my mom and her lolness, I have the funniest story about her but I can't put it on the blog and i'm so sad///my ipsy bag///sitting by puppies an an outside concert///seeing old friends///sushi///the cutest japanese candy my in laws brought back///prime day fail tweets///snapchat///suicide squad trailer///making an awesome unit for my lil guys///fresh haircuts///this dress, go buy it now. it's straight up heaven///trying to make fried ice cream===big lols

I was reading my twitter to try and remember what I was happy about this last week and it was all really negative?? haha I don't feel like I had a bad week but maybe I did? So I am gonna work on that for sure! 
I realized I have three more weekends of summer and i'm like "what? how? AHHHH!" and i'm really scared but also ready to not feel like a pointless human every day. I will be working really hard these last three weeks to get ready! Pray for me!

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  1. 1. Text me the story about your mom.
    2. What the f is fried ice cream.
    3. I feel like I am only positive on Instagram and only negative on Twitter.