Wednesday, July 29, 2015

help me help you help you?

Hiii guyys.
So here I am again, working the system and telling you how you can get free clothes. I do this a lot and it's kind of weird that no one takes me seriously? I did it here and I had a few friends who followed my lead and they got tons of cute clothes for basically nothing and were freakin overjoyed. However it was only a few friends and I was like "dudes what??"
Then I told people about the Agnes & Dora warehouse sale that was last Thursday and let me tell you, if you weren't there then you truly are an idiot because it was amazing. Basically everything was $5.00 and I got an entire new wardrobe for nothing. I am working on a post about that because Emily and I had a hayday and i'm still on an adrenaline high.
So anyway, here I am again, telling you guys that you can get clothes for free. Will anyone listen? Who knows. Am I bitter? Absolutely. Haha just kidding, but really, not sure why people don't listen to me. Almost my entire closet has been bought on some scheme like this. I don't pay full price. There are just too many ways to not pay full price.
So I had heard of thredup as a competitor of twice, the aforementioned company who I really do love,(and has sold their technology to ebay. RIP Twice)
anywayyy so I checked thredup out to see what it had to offer.
Short answer? A lot. I had so many things in my cart and I had to majorly edit. When my stuff got here it had the tags on it and was wrapped up really nicely and overall I was just super impressed with the experience.
So here is where I am honest with you. If you sign up, you get $20.00 to spend on the site. It's a straight up $20.00, no minimum spending limit. So even if you factor shipping in, that is still an item of clothing + an accessory, and that's if you don't shop the sale.
Once you place your first order and let's be honest, why wouldn't you??? It's like someone handing you a $20 bill and you throwing it in the garbage? (sorry, I get weirdly hyped about people wasting opportunities like this) 
So once you place your first order and it ships, I get a $20 credit too. So it's like, hello! Both of us win! 
Anyway, you have to sign up with THIS LINK to get the deal. should.
Here are some things I like on the site, in case you are still not convinced (???)
*Disclaimer--so if you click on any of the following links before you sign up using the above link, it will make you sign up and it won't give you the credit. Just an FYI from some feedback I have received from others trying it out.*

Dolce Vida Sandals--cute stuff, man.
These Madewell flats are super adorable
These kind of places are where I buy most of my work dress pants. I can't afford to buy JCrew from the store on a teachers salary so these sites are where it's at. 
If you want an eshakti dress that I rave about but hate the price tag (I get it, man) then here is your chance! Talkin to you, size 6! 
(5) (6) (7) (8)
ASOS is one of my favorite brands but I don't order from them as much as I would like because they just never ever have deals. A lot of the stuff on thredup still has tags so it's pretty much new!
Olive Green is one of my favorite colors to wear and this dress looks baggy and weird on the mannequin but that's how I know it's the perfect amount of baggy. 
Super pretty Banana Republic dress!
I told myself I was only going to do ten favorites but I can't stop myself. There is so much on this website that no end of the browsing exists. So here are a few more!
(11) (12) (13) (14) (15)

Also, in case you are sketched out for some reason, I basically forced my sister to do this and it all worked out exactly how it was supposed to. Plus this company has been around for quite sometime so, it's all good.
ALSO (one last also, I promise) this isn't a sponsored post like most blogger posts are sponsored. This is like....I want you to have cute clothes and I know you want me to have cute clothes if you are a nice person so let's just have cute clothes together already gosh darnit! 
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  1. Did it this time and last time (through your links)! DUH.

    1. I totally forgot about that! I can always count on you!

  2. Just did this cause I love you and want you to get cute clothes