Tuesday, July 28, 2015

how to---make a fluffy abominable snowman pillow!

Here we are! Week 2 of the Flog series! If you remember, I am doing a four week vlog series with a bunch of my bloggie friends and this week's prompt was a "how to" video.  
This week was really weird haha...like reaaaaallly weird.  Apparently I was lonely on the day I filmed this tutorial?? Or something?? But I was just talking the cameras ear off!!! Like I filmed over an hour and I had to edit down to only seven minutes so needless to say, it's a bit awkward on the editing side. Also, I was talking so much that I never noticed when my camera would cut out because the memory card was full, so there are a few awkward pieces in there. 
Also, I had to re-edit literally three different times because my words and the video weren't matching! It was so frustrating. Hopefully I got it to work!
I am watching it and I realized the last minute or so doesn't match up. Oh well! I'm over it at this point hahaha
I'm kind of embarrassed to be putting this out there because it's sooo awkward and just plain bad, but I got a nice and cute fluffy pillow out of the ordeal so, why not? 
.I have two more weeks to go! Next week is showing a routine I have in my life..I am at a total and complete loss so... this should be interesting. 

P.S---Sorry this video is out of focus most of the time, i'm still learning how to work with my camera!
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  1. This was actually so informative!!!!! You seem like a crafting pro! Also you are hilarious, but we already knew that.

  2. Hahaha I loved the Journey part too. Also I want to craft with you. You look like a good person to craft with.

  3. hahaha the journey part!!! You're so talented. I can't do crafts without crying haha

  4. This actually really comes in handy for me right now because I've been shopping for throw pillows and they are so EXPENSIVE! Like, it's ridiculous. So thanks for sharing this! I just need to learn how to use the sewing machine and I'll be good to go haha. Your pillow looks fabulous!

    xoxo Jess
    Foreign Room