Thursday, July 9, 2015


So last week on my blog instagram (@ rileyjoblog) I started a project 365 with my bloggie buds Emily, Leah and Beverly. Basically a project 365 is posting a photo every day for a year, acting as a photo journal type thing. Except we decided to start it halfway through the year, hence the project180 hashtag. It's been a really fun way to document what I did that day! It's also been good in the summer because a lot of times I feel like I just am lazy or I plan lessons, but there is always some sort of little highlight.
Mark has been funny with it. On Sunday he would catch me taking pictures of stuff to post and he was like "Don't do that! That's settling!!!" hahahaha and hey, he was right! 
Anyway, here has been the last few days!
I started to plan! I am kind of starting to get eager to go back, that orrrrr i'm just tired of having 1st day of school nightmares!

Mark and I have a graveyard by our house so we went for a walk and tried to find the oldest grave, because we are sick people? It was a nice walk though, the weather was perfect. We found a grave that that had just dug and I got way creeped out so we left...haha
4th of July! You guys know all about that.

I got spotlighted in primary on Sunday. I really dislike my calling....hahaah maybe I am gonna get in trouble for saying that, but it's just very frustrating that the manual seems to not understand 4 year olds whatsoever. It wanted us to give the kids some scenarios and ask them if it was good or bad and one of the scenarios was:
"Your older brother's friend brings some beer to your house while your parents are gone. What should you do??"

Ok, two things. One, this could be good maybe? to prepare the kids for alcohol? But also, have you met a 4 year old? I'm curious what you guys think about this!

I ran like a freaking CHAMP a few days ago. I never have ran as fast for as long! However the next day I was s t r u g g l i n g. So I dunno. Maybe a fluke!

I had to buy 200 notebooks for my kids at Walmart. The lady was insistent that she had to scan every single notebook (she was old and cute and just doing her best!!!!!!!!!!!) The people behind me got so mad. I was stressed. The end. 

Karly's fiance lives far far away and Karly needs help I was a stand in fiance and we registered. The lady for sure thought we were together which is totally fine with us.

So a while ago I got on a weird hormonal kick (not pregnant, just hormonal in general) and I like had a break down because I kind of hate our apartment? I love our apartment because of an ENDLESS LIST of reasons but the layout is SO weird. Mainly, our parents have a king bed that they offered us because I mentioned how good I sleep in that bed and it won't fit in our awkward bedroom. I'm seriously sad about it. 
So I decided to decorate the apartment a little more to help me feel better. I found this on pinterest and decided to recreate! It was quite the ordeal, the cording I used to create the geometric shapes is only offered at Hobby Lobby and they were sold out for a month! So finally it came in and I was able to finish. Well, kind of. I still have to hang pictures.
Anyway, that's project 180 for the last few days! 

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  1. My 4 year old niece doesn't even know what beer is hahahahaha. I just got called out of primary into young womens and I AM LOVING IT.

    Did the old lady end up scanning 200 notebooks? I need to know how this ends.

    1. I was in YW in my last ward and I looooved it so much more. Primary drains me for real.

      Hahahahahah I didn't realize I left on such a cliff hanger! So the lady behind me screamed for the manager and the manager came over and pushed the old lady aside and finished scanning. She just scanned one and put in a number of how many I bought but I felt SO BAD for the little old lady!

  2. First day of school nightmares. I hate them! I keep having dreams that I didn't plan anything and that I am yelling at the top of my lungs to tell them to all BE QUIET and they can't hear me because they are so loud!!!! I'm not ready for school...

    1. That's my nightmares too!!! Ugh I'm not either! I'm glad i'm not alone