Thursday, July 30, 2015


Man, i'm kind of super disappointed in myself because I went three days without posting. I was just like "if I take a picture today, it will be way subpar and I can't put that negative energy into the world. However I realized that it actually doesn't matter and that it isn't the point and I need to get over myself. So here are the last few weeks-ish.

I think it's like...the most hilarious thing that people wonder if Mark and I are together/still married/ happy because he doesn't grace my pictures a lot! Like that is just the funniest concept to me. So here is a picture that proves that we are in fact, together and happy. Well, we are at Twilight here so I am actually not too happy at all. But ya know, happy in general.

My in-laws got home from their month long visit to Japan! My MIL is actually from Japan and her whole family is there. It was fun to look at pictures! They brought us back a lot of goodies. They also brought us back a lot of cooking stuff because it is THE best. Also see those cups? They are hand carved crystal and apparently super expensive. They were a wedding gift from...someone. I don't really know where to put them! I need like an old woman curio. They are super beautiful!

I made this shirt for the first week of flog times haha

i'm a sucker for this crap

Some days I just stop and reflect on how much I love the Kardashians. I know the connotation that comes with that but I just think they are bad bitches and have made this crazy empire out of nothing, because of nothing and everyone who hates on them is secretly jealous. HA.

We had to play car swap at the airport for the in-laws and it was kkkiiiiiillllinggg me to not be going anywhere. I was so sad. 

So I tried Reddit gift exchange for the first time and I was UNIMPRESSED. Mainly because my person picked up my info and I never got anything. It was so dumb. However the girl I picked out colors for was really grateful so hey, that's something.

My favorite print, it's huge in our living room in a gold frame until I transport it to my classroom.

I have to weed our garden once a week for the older people that live above us and it bums me out every week. However these give me a little bit of happiness!

Man, my hair was just WORKING FOR ME this day. I was also wearing an Old Navy jersey swing dress because I heard that it works miracles on the average joe and I bought it and it is amazing and I need every color.

...I wanted to like it. I did. I couldn't. 

My cute lil bookshelf! 
Crafting for my classroom!

In the car after I ate these nachos I turned to Mark and I said "Bottom line, I just love nacho cheese." and Mark said "You probably shouldn't tell anyone that..."
 I was asked to co-host a shower! It makes sense that the person who asked me to cohost doesn't know me at all because when I get in party planning mode, i'm there and it's for real. I was practicing something that I hope turned out ok, I really liked the way it turned out but we'll see...anyway the shower theme is flowers and watercolor which I realize sounds weird and that's because I couldn't decide between the two so I did it all. 

If you don't follow Utah Sweet Savings or Freebies2Deals I question your life. They are the reason I know about 99% of any deal that is in my life. A while ago one of them posted about this truly ginormous Olaf and it was $50 but it was on sale for...yep, $2. I bought it. I have no idea why. Mark hates him. I love him. He will probably end up in my classroom.

More classroom crafts...

and last but not least, the most recent pic. I decided to go get some moles checked out after a close family member has been dealing with melanoma. The doctor checked me all out and decided to remove the two on my face. It totally wasn't cosmetic, these moles are apart of me, always have been! I just want to be sure i'm healthy and the doctor thought they looked abnormal plus they have been growing and changing color, so I went under the knife, (which was actually a little traumatizing! So much blood!)

Anyway, most of my life I have just hated sunscreen. I truly believed that being tan with cancer was better than being pale and ugly. I am so grossed out by that thought. This picture was one of my worse burns but definitely not THE worst. My poor skin!

(also, in case you needed more convincing, I have like at least 20x the amount of moles on my back today then I did in this picture. I know because the doctor counted them yesterday, haha)

I had a crazy come to Jesus moment when I realized that my family member could get really sick or could die. That kind of coincided with this video that weirdly, convinced me to start wearing freaking sunscreen. So the past few years I have been a sunscreen freak. I don't buy makeup that has less than 55 spf. I make sure I have the sunscreen with the highest zinc even if it is most expensive.  I actually kind of get personally offended when people use tanning oil or tanning beds.  It's 2015, guys. Why are we smoking and tanning?! Haha, but also why am I addicted to soda? We all have our things I guess!

Anyway, I get to rock these bandaides for a week, maybe longer if I am really feeling like I don't want to have two scars on my face. I don't, so it will probably be much longer than a week. I got ones that are a lot less crazy that I will use when the bleeding chills out for like one second...geeze. (TMI? YUP!)

Have a good week!

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  1. I also bought Hey Natalie Jean and wanted to like it! I haven't finished it... It's in a box somewhere inside a moving truck and sometimes I wonder if I will ever finish it? And weirdly enough, you're making me want to go get my moles checked out...

    1. I feel bad not liking it... I feel like it is different than when you don't like any other random book, like I know of her and her family, i'm clued into her life, I used to get my eyelashes done by her sister, etc.. so I feel bad criticizing it because I know she mentioned on her blog that she was having a hard time writing it and everything but I was just not super blown away. Like there are so many blog posts she has written that go far and above anything in her book ya know? I dunno, weird times. Also! Get your moles checked out for sure I would say if, for nothing else, do it for the peace of mind!!!

  2. Lol my mom has a curio.
    I want you to educate me on the Kardashians? I know nothing about them but want to hear you love rant about them for some reason.
    Why do you have to weed a garden that isn't yours?
    Where do I follow Utah Sweet Savings and that other website?
    Why did you hate Natalie Jeans book?
    I agree. Tanning is stupid. I've never been into it, mostly because I hate being hot, so I am never out in the sun hahahahahaha. I use Million Dollar Tan and it's amazing.
    I'm excited for our friend photoshoot and the band aids!

    1. HA my Mom has one too. I might just put them in there.

      Yes, let's have a Kardashian chat.

      Well, the people above us are really old and they knock money off rent during the summer if we mow their lawn and weed their garden but it has kind of gotten insane...she asked me to spend an hour every other day on weeding and I was like "" haha

      I would follow them on insta or facebook. They post the best deals on there!

      Read my comment to Madeline above about that one

      Haha i'm excited! I bought clear bandaids today so hopefully you won't see them

  3. Just had to leave a comment to tell you I am 1000000% with you about the kardashians. Everyone hates on them bc they are famous for "no reason", I just have to lol at that because THATS THE WHOLE POINT. I don't watch the show or anything but u gotta respect em.

  4. I love that you love the Kardashians. I don't know much about them, but they seem entertaining.

  5. i'm sad you didn't like natalie's book, but i totally get what you're saying. i enjoyed it because i enjoy her writing, but wasn't blown away or anything. (i felt like i had already read most of the book on her blog already.) also i don't watch the kardashian show but i am pretty much obsessed with how gorgeous they are...HOW ARE THEY ALL SO GORGEOUS. HOW HOW HOW. other thoughts, i bought that old navy dress per recommendation from you and PRAISE YOU! it's so comfortable. and i found a cute swimmy for (not even exaggerating) TEN BUCKS. i did size up for the dress so it would be long enough so it's a little tent-like, but its too comfy for me to care. and also you rock those sunnies. the end.