Wednesday, July 1, 2015

"table cloth dress" --mark

A few awkward pictures to start...

Some questions that arise while looking at these...

4. MY LEGS ARE TWO DIFFERENT COLORS???? I'm actually really alarmed by this one, I spent like 10 minutes trying to figure it out. 

Ok, I digress.

So hey, anyway, a few people know that I have become a gym rat now. Hahaha no actually not at all, but I did get a gym membership and I do go mostly every day! Having no plans during the summer is definitely motivation to go to the gym, mostly because I feel like I should see the sun at least once during the day. I have some standards!

Anyway it's been kind of cool to see my own progress. I still eat like total hell, so I don't think i've lost any weight. But here's how it goes: 
I warm up on the treadmill when I first get to the gym. The first day I about died on the treadmill. I could barely run for more than a minute! I felt so stupid but I was also thinking "hey, the last time I went to the gym was....junior year of high school" so I gave myself some slack.
Anyway, after a week went by of my lungs feeling like they were going to literally explode, I noticed I could run for longer! The first few days was running for a minute, the next I could run for three, then the next few weeks went from five minutes to eight to twelve! So that's where I have been hanging, twelve minutes of straight up running! I've learned that I can go fairly slow and still be running. For some reason I thought people that run like always sprint or something? Which actually kind of the opposite is true. Once I realized that a slow pace is fine, I started to like running a lot more.
Mark says I am skinnier, people have commented that I look skinnier, and yet the four year old in my primary class said to me "Is that a baby in your tummy?!" After I almost fainted I said "Nope!
 She said "Are you sure?? What's that then?" Then points at my stomach.

Anyway, here is me in what mark calls my table cloth dress but actually it's a great dress (in my opinion) from eShakti. I got it a while back when I had that free $35 giftcard for you people. 
Also, these pictures are the first with my new camera! In case you didn't know already, just because you have a nice camera and lenses does NOT mean that your pictures will be da bomb. I have been reading constantly about how to get my pictures to come out somewhat ok, and I haven't even made a dent in researching on photo editing stuff. However, before I do that I have to start planning for the school year. I'm about two weeks behind and i'm starting to panic. So if I made promises to hang out this summer, sorry, I gotta cancel. Unless your name is Karly or Emily and then we have outstanding appointments.


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  1. Yikes is right! Kids can be so mean. This little girl the other day saw me without makeup and let's just say it wasn't a confidence boosting conversation haha.

  2. love this dress! it looks so cute on you! I am currently battling the urge to buy all 5 dresses in my eshakti cart.... uuuuuuugh. haha. and yeah i had the same thing when i first started running, I didn't realize you could actually go slow! like when I realized that I started just running, like, 13 minute miles and dgaf'ed. i've gotten faster since then without even really trying! it's nice to not stress about going fast. and yeah kids dont have ANY filter haha the other day some little girl asked me why i have old lady hair. uhh thanks. LOLOL. ALSO i think these photos look great! but i know what you mean about the camera learning curve. it'll come with practice!

    1. Ok yes yes when you posted about your running that's when I started this realization that I could run slow and then you said it and I was like YES!!