Tuesday, July 7, 2015

the one where I roast myself

So I got on my computer to send an email and google said "Hey, you have too many emails from stores telling you something is on sale. Delete stuff or you can't get any emails!" I freaked out because I am expecting a few really important emails! So I was going through my google drive to see if I could delete anything to free up some space and I found A FOLDER. 

A folder I have never seen, didn't know it was there, didn't know what was in it!!

I opened it and hit the mother load of honeymoon pictures that I didn't know existed, our drive to Maryland I forgot I had/thought I lost AND....

So naturally I stopped everything I was doing and i'm sharing the photos with you because THE WORLD NEEDS TO SEE!

Can we start with a little baby Mark appreciation???


Ok now I am going to roast myself for a bit.

Here I am winning the science fair in second grade. WINNING IT! Ok a few questions,
1. Was the person who was judging legally blind or could they just not find normal size name tags?
2. How bad did the other kid projects suck that my half ass project on moldy bread WON!?

We did a "photoshoot" for a young women's activity and these pictures will literally haunt my dreams. Why flare jeans. Why. Also, I spent literally HOURS getting ready. Woof. THIRDLY I AM WEARING AN AEROPOSTALE SHIRT CALL THE POLICE

The only thing I have to say is I was Rose from the Titanic. Why was I Rose from the Titanic?


I'm glad the photographer caught the essence of "bloody bandaid on my elbow"

Everyone looks sad in this picture. We look like we just survived a winter in mother Russia. 

Those of you having doubts if my lips are real..

I'm calling this series..CAN SOMEONE PLEASE GIVE ME A HAIRCUT!?!

mullet life

and this one...can someone please give me a DIFFERENT hair cut???

Apparently I went to prom in the 90s and/or got married the day before according to the hair situation

Alright, that's all folks. Back to your day.

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  1. OH MY GOSH I AM CRYING FROM LAUGHING SO HARD. my favorite was the blue bucket hat. i wore one for like half of 1999 and when i look back at that i'm just like, HOW. how did anyone possibly think that was cute? at least mark was a REALLY cute baby and your naturally blonde hair is like out of this world gorgeous.