Thursday, July 9, 2015

things I love thursday

It's been forever, forever, forever since I have done one of these. I looked and yep, it's been almost a year. So, here we go!

So, I have been on a new makeup kick lately. I have decided to force myself out of my old routines to see if anything bigger and better was waiting for me. I have found so many good products you guys, I can't believe it.

The first one is Neutrogena's Healthy Skin makeup. Ever since coming back from Maryland, my skin has been so dry. My face just feels so tight and sad. So I was researching different makeups and this one came up multiple times. I have the liquid (HERE) and also the powder (HERE )
I decided that I prefer the powder because 1. I am not a liquid person 2. The powder has a high SPF and sun protection is so incredibly important to me
Anyway, my skin has totally changed. I don't throw around "miracle product" often but this one absolutely is a miracle product.

In addition to my face being dry, it's also always My Mom has a red face/neck (like literally everyone thinks she is always sunburned) so I inherited that lovely gene. So I was researching cremes for red faces and I came across L'oreal Paris BB creme for redness Here. I was super freaked out because I put it on and the stuff was green! Full on friggin green. So I put it on my face and my face turned ORANGE. Like bad bad spray tan orange. I was horrified. HOWEVER! I let it sit for a few minutes and it absorbed. My face looked normal! Better than normal, it looked NOT RED! It was ahhhmazing.

Ok, keeping on the makeup train...I made a video about the next product because I got it in my Ipsy bag. I have shot the video literally 6 times and something has gone wrong every time hahaha so I will probably never post that unfortuntaely. However, the product is still awesome. It's not only a leave in conditioner, it's THE BEST leave in conditioner. Pure Brazillian Conditioner! Find it (here) My hair is really really really hard to brush when I get out of the shower. A million deep conditions can't fix years of box dyeing! (By the way DON'T box dye your hair!!!!!!!!!)  anyway, I have tried so many leave in conditioners and this is the only one that doesn't leave my hair greasy or heavy afterwards. Plus it smells great, not overwhelmingly beachy AND I have used the crap out of it and I still have so much left. 

Lastly, my curling iron that was made for a 12 year old. I was at my parents house stranded without a curling iron and so I used one that my cousin had left. IT CURLED MY HAIR BEAUTIFULLY! My curls were a little tight and corkscrewy, but then I brushed my hair and it was freaking amazing. It also kept my hair curled for much, much longer than normal. I was obsessed and I ordered mine the second I got home. I cannot emphasize enough how much you need this curling iron if you are seeking beachy, beautiful waves. Plus, they have stopped making this kind! So get on it! Find it for the cheapest here!  
Ok, maybe I will do this more than once a week!


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