Sunday, August 30, 2015

#blessed or something

Ok, I have started this post five times and I don't really know the best way to say this, but I just wanted to thank everyone for all the support and love they have given over the past few weeks.

As people have sent and dropped off presents and sent messages and reached out on social media, my heart has just grown a billion times bigger. It also caused me to reflect on what amazing people, especially women, I am surrounded by.

 As my sista friend Jade said to me in a sweet letter I received last week, "One of my daily grounders is reminding myself of the incredible army of women I have built up and surrounded myself with." 

Maybe this small yet grand piece of wisdom is something we learned in our sorority, maybe it is just something that you learn as you grow up. However, this was such a tribute to a string of purposeful life choices that I have made in the last five-ish years. A long while ago, I made a decision that I only wanted to be around people who made my life better. It seems like this should be an easy and obvious choice, but it actually wasn't. At all. It forced me to look at people and say "Truly, what are we doing for each other?"  and unfortantely, that meant I cut ties with many that weren't giving me happy vibes and vice versa.
What caused these choices is thanks to new friends as well as older friends moving away, following life around, I figured out that talking frequently, texting, liking photos, hanging out a lot, etc  doesn't always mean friendship.

Obviously that's a big part of it, but there is a whole other part that I often find a lot more valuable, especially as life gets busier.  That part is having enough confidence in a relationship that you don't need to do all those things, yet when you need those people they will step up.

I needed a lot of people to step up for me this month. I needed them to tell me that they were here for me and believed in me. I needed people to ask me how I was or just to let me know they remembered I was alive, I needed people to give love even though I have been terrible at giving the same over the past year. Because I am lucky, because I am blessed, because I have good people, that's exactly what I got.

 It's not easy to find good people and it's sure as hell not easy to be good people.

So thank you thank you thank you THANK YOU for being my people even when I haven't been yours.

Let's all try to be good people and be ready to step up to bat for the people we love.

Have an amazing Sunday!
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Thursday, August 27, 2015

$20 for you Glen Coco!

You guys! I went to the Agnes and Dora warehouse sale yesterday and it was everything I wanted it to be, except for a few minor details like there were a crap ton of people and it was pouring rain and I was stressed. However today when I was putting my clothes away I realized that between Agnes and Dora and Thred Up, I have a completely new closet for less than $200, which is pretty good in my opinion. I posted about Thred Up a while ago, but they are still doing the free $20, no minimum purchase or strings attached whatsoever. So I thought I would share a few things I got recently!

Thredup has a great ASOS collection! I am really excited about this dress. Sorry I am one of those animal print people.

 Now that I am looking at this I am thinking it mmiiiiggghhhtt be Old Lady, but it's actually Lauren Conrad so I am just gonna go with it.

 This is my favorite shirt in my closet. I love the way it fits and it's polyester but it's not see through so I don't have to wear a shade shirt!

SWEATERS GALORE! Winter just freaking come already please. 
 I wore this on the first day of school! Hip Hip!

This shirt is a d r e a m. I wish I would have had it all summer! It is so flowy and cool and casual and perfect. 

Anyway, if you want to sign up go HERE. You will have a $20 gift card to spend.

Also, if you designate a school on your account, they give a percentage of your order to the school. Here is the link for my school if you so desire!

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Wednesday, August 19, 2015


Hey guys, so I had a birthday. I had to work, which actually wasn't bad at all. I woke up v early and Mark had surprised me with the sweetest card and a little present. I had gotten my big expensive camera so I wasn't expecting anything, but he got me a cute little Bing Bong statue? type thing to put on my desk because I am 24 years old and I connect with Bing Bong on an emotional and spiritual level.

Then I got breakfast and I was in 7th heaven because Mr. Burger King guy gave me extra hashbrowns! Not because it was my birthday but because he liked my sunglasses...go figure.
I got to work and everyone was just so nice, wishing me a happy birthday and dancing each time they saw me...haha
Then they told me there was an emergency meeting so I go into the classroom and it's mostly everyone in my English and History department singing to me and giving me flowers and other presents! It was so sweet.

My Mom and Grandma came to see my classroom and took me to Zupas. My parents spoiled me as they always do. I got a power drill....hhaahaha which I actually desperately needed.

Then  I had to go back to work and hustle in time for back to school night. All of the parents were so sweet in wishing me a happy bday!

Then Mark came to pick me up and we went to dinner at La Jolla Groves which was ~~~~DELICIOUS.

Then we went home and Mark had made me a 3 layer funfetti cake. A month or so ago Mark asked me what dessert I even would want. I really hate dessert, most cakes, all pies, hate cupcakes....but funfetti, man. Y. U. M.
Mark lit my candles and sang me happy birthday and I barely took two bites of cake when I fell asleep in my cake!

It was a different and very adult-y birthday but one of my best! Truthfully I never felt 23. Each time someone asks how old I am I always say "24" first accidentally. Maybe it was because I hated my birthday last year, it was just pure driving from Maryland and I just felt so miserable all day. And honestly, I was miserable a lot of my 23rd year haha...if it wasn't for Mark I would have just been 100% done. So I just don't count that year. I have felt 24 for a whole year and now I get to just be 24 finally! Woo woo! I'm SO excited for this year. I feel a happiness in my entire life I have never felt before!!!!

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classroom pictures

Somehow in my mist of exhaustion I managed to get a few pictures. The lighting is super weird so they aren't the greatest, but here they are! 
I really liked how the map garlands turned out, as well as the kid president quotes that I made. 

This is my back wall. It's the biggest white board in the class which is semi annoying that it is in the back, but it's a great place for the agenda, objective and HW.

 I can already tell my reading center is going to be a huge motivator. I give them tickets when they do something correct and on Fridays I will draw for who gets to sit in the disk chairs! 

Thank you to everyone who donated books! You make my heart full.

This is called: Riley spent too much money so I scrounged to make a READ sign!

I found a version of these SLANT signs on a website that was charging almost $20!  I made my own in about 30 seconds. Also ignore my terrible teacher handwriting. Working on it.

My messy desk! But on it are a bunch of birthday presents my coworkers got me. They have only known me for a small amount of time but they were so loving on my birthday, it brought tears to my eyes each time they made my day a little bit more special.

I had to sell my soul for this table. No freaking joke.

Guess how hard it is to take a picture of something laminated when you have ginormous windows??? Haha! These are their exit tickets.  Each day I give the students a small paper and they write their name on it and three things they learned that day, two questions they still have an a summary of the day. They then put their paper in the folder of where they feel they are at with the material for the day.

I decided to stick really closely to Kelly Gallagher, basically an English teaching superstar.  I love his style. Students need to know there is more than one way to write!

Such a bright way to enter my classroom!

My favorite little board. Last year I had humongous bulletin boards and this year I only have two teeny tiny ones. I'm really grateful...haha 

 Behind my desk....
 This is called "Hi! I just worked a 10 hour day which includes 2 hours on my feet talking. I'm tired. Feed me." 
Also sorry I had to block out my students name on the door....haha

Anyway! That is my room! Thanks for stoppin bye!

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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

and so ends the summer!

Soooo obviously from my lack of BLOG CONTENT, i'm back to my normal routine. I don't have students till next Wednesday but I have been back full time working in my classroom since last week. 

My summer has been super chill, I haven't done a lot but honestly I needed downtime. Last summer was completely insane, I have no idea how I survived September-May, so I was so happy to just sleep in, go to the gym and actually take my time getting ready. Sometimes it's the simple things ya know? 

Tomorrow is my last day with 0 meetings/obligations, I was thinking about going to my classroom but I might go do something to celebrate my birthday that is next Tuesday since I have to work all day and night. Buuuuut I also might go finish some last minute classroom set up.
Putting together a classroom takes work. Most people at my new school know of my classroom as "________ ___________'s room," the teacher I am taking over for, so I have been working extra hard with my awesome instructional coach to make it my own. That meant taking down hundreds of trophy's (in 0 air conditioning. ask me how pleasant that was.) and rearranging everything! Hopefully now everyone will walk into my room and think that it is a completely different space. I will share more pictures than the ones from instagram once I have my last bulletin board completed. 

I am pretty proud of myself.  I have till October 15th planned for one of my classes and for the other, I have until mid September. This really didn't get done till last week, I was stressing out so terribly and then all of the sudden I was like "STRESS IS SUCH A USELESS EMOTION!" because it doesn't motivate me, it only tears me down and makes me feel totally crappy. So I just was like alright, let's just stop stressing and start working. I got a ton done and now I feel ready to go! I Anyway, I have met a few of my students and they are awesome. I am so nervous (typical first day nerves) but more excited to start school! 

 Fortunately/unfortunately I have a lot more (fun!) things on my plate this year like two different subjects and coaching, so that means things like my favorite hobby (this blog) might be on the back burner. However today I got inspired and created an idea for a completely new blog design and i'm so excited to start to work with my designer (Breezy & Co) on that. 

Anyways, I just wanted to check in and be like hi byeeee. Also I have the last flog series that was "due" today but I have nothing filmed soooo it might be a minute.....stay tuned!

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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Flog Week Three-Routines

Only one week left of the flog challenge. The past two prompts have been an introduction and a "how to" post. Today was to show a routine from your life! It was a rough week and I didn't really have time to edit so it's a pretty long video, I apologize!

Thanks for watching and i'll see you next week!
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Monday, August 3, 2015

Floral & Water Color Bridal Shower

You guys!  On Saturday I had a great time with awesome women celebrating our friend Karly and her upcoming wedding. Karly has been my friend since freshman year when we were randomly assigned to live in Snow Hall with each other at USU. It wasn't an instant friendship as I introduced myself with an opening line of "I like never shower...." but we somehow managed to work past that. She has been one of my bestest friends ever since! She missed my wedding because she was on her mission so I wanted to throw her the ultimate bash so we could celebrate extra hard. 
I couldn't decide whether to go with the watercolor theme or the flowers theme, then I kept seeing flowers painted with watercolors, imagine that! Haha so this random theme was born. 
The waffle bar and the Joe & Karly sign were inspired a little bit by The Alison Show with her architect print signs that she uses a lot, and then the rest by Vintage Revivals. I just liked the raw watercolor streaks.

Generally, I try to live by the rule that I need to model my life after Alison from The Alison Show, and she gave the advice that people need something to do at a party. Since this was an open house I wanted people to be able to feel like there was a purpose, even if they were just dropping in. So the mug bar was created!
 I'm going to be honest, it wasn't the biggest hit in the world but I think that is just because Karly had a lot of girls that she hadn't seen in forever and they obviously needed to catch up! There were a few girls that were grateful for something to do so I was glad we had it, regardless. Also if anyone needs 14 identical white mugs, hit me up. Haha

 Brooklyn was helping me set up for the party and she was so freaking confused by what was going on. She kept thinking it was my birthday, was confused why we weren't hanging the pinatas from the ceiling. She didn't know why we were having a party for someone she didn't know! Haha

Guys......this project....was terrible. Haha! I found it on Pinterest and thought it would be easy to do and man was I wrong. It took a lot of work, mainly creating the letters out of cardboard boxes. Then as I was covering them I kept saying "these are honestly hideous" and the name of chewbakka pinatas was born. I still am not super convinced that they are cute but I spent a good ten hours on them so I felt like I had to use them haha

These were for the girls to take home so their mugs would stay decorated!

We decided to do a waffle bar because they are trendy and easy and delicious.  

I don't know if I have talked about Hilarie on my blog but she is the best.. She gets it done, whatever it may be. I put her in charge of my wedding and I have 0 regrets. She is also the best waffle maker in town.  

These are my roommates from freshman year! We are missing one of them, but it was fun to get together again!

Man, I really need to get a tripod and also one of those clicker things. The hood of the car situation wasn't working out too well haha

By the end of this I was so exhausted so Hilarie and I sat down and made like ten mugs with rap lyrics.

Also, Trader Joes, guys. I heard they had flowers so  I went in and got this bouquet for $4!!! The flowers are mostly dead now they aren't the best at lasting but they are just so pretty. 

Now I have to get serious since I go back to work a week from today! Cannot believe my summer is over!!! Also I found out yesterday that my first day of school is on my birthday, how lame! Haha anyway, have a great week!

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