Thursday, August 27, 2015

$20 for you Glen Coco!

You guys! I went to the Agnes and Dora warehouse sale yesterday and it was everything I wanted it to be, except for a few minor details like there were a crap ton of people and it was pouring rain and I was stressed. However today when I was putting my clothes away I realized that between Agnes and Dora and Thred Up, I have a completely new closet for less than $200, which is pretty good in my opinion. I posted about Thred Up a while ago, but they are still doing the free $20, no minimum purchase or strings attached whatsoever. So I thought I would share a few things I got recently!

Thredup has a great ASOS collection! I am really excited about this dress. Sorry I am one of those animal print people.

 Now that I am looking at this I am thinking it mmiiiiggghhhtt be Old Lady, but it's actually Lauren Conrad so I am just gonna go with it.

 This is my favorite shirt in my closet. I love the way it fits and it's polyester but it's not see through so I don't have to wear a shade shirt!

SWEATERS GALORE! Winter just freaking come already please. 
 I wore this on the first day of school! Hip Hip!

This shirt is a d r e a m. I wish I would have had it all summer! It is so flowy and cool and casual and perfect. 

Anyway, if you want to sign up go HERE. You will have a $20 gift card to spend.

Also, if you designate a school on your account, they give a percentage of your order to the school. Here is the link for my school if you so desire!

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