Tuesday, August 11, 2015

and so ends the summer!

Soooo obviously from my lack of BLOG CONTENT, i'm back to my normal routine. I don't have students till next Wednesday but I have been back full time working in my classroom since last week. 

My summer has been super chill, I haven't done a lot but honestly I needed downtime. Last summer was completely insane, I have no idea how I survived September-May, so I was so happy to just sleep in, go to the gym and actually take my time getting ready. Sometimes it's the simple things ya know? 

Tomorrow is my last day with 0 meetings/obligations, I was thinking about going to my classroom but I might go do something to celebrate my birthday that is next Tuesday since I have to work all day and night. Buuuuut I also might go finish some last minute classroom set up.
Putting together a classroom takes work. Most people at my new school know of my classroom as "________ ___________'s room," the teacher I am taking over for, so I have been working extra hard with my awesome instructional coach to make it my own. That meant taking down hundreds of trophy's (in 0 air conditioning. ask me how pleasant that was.) and rearranging everything! Hopefully now everyone will walk into my room and think that it is a completely different space. I will share more pictures than the ones from instagram once I have my last bulletin board completed. 

I am pretty proud of myself.  I have till October 15th planned for one of my classes and for the other, I have until mid September. This really didn't get done till last week, I was stressing out so terribly and then all of the sudden I was like "STRESS IS SUCH A USELESS EMOTION!" because it doesn't motivate me, it only tears me down and makes me feel totally crappy. So I just was like alright, let's just stop stressing and start working. I got a ton done and now I feel ready to go! I Anyway, I have met a few of my students and they are awesome. I am so nervous (typical first day nerves) but more excited to start school! 

 Fortunately/unfortunately I have a lot more (fun!) things on my plate this year like two different subjects and coaching, so that means things like my favorite hobby (this blog) might be on the back burner. However today I got inspired and created an idea for a completely new blog design and i'm so excited to start to work with my designer (Breezy & Co) on that. 

Anyways, I just wanted to check in and be like hi byeeee. Also I have the last flog series that was "due" today but I have nothing filmed soooo it might be a minute.....stay tuned!

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  1. As long as you are still my friend irl I will accept you not blogging as much