Wednesday, August 19, 2015


Hey guys, so I had a birthday. I had to work, which actually wasn't bad at all. I woke up v early and Mark had surprised me with the sweetest card and a little present. I had gotten my big expensive camera so I wasn't expecting anything, but he got me a cute little Bing Bong statue? type thing to put on my desk because I am 24 years old and I connect with Bing Bong on an emotional and spiritual level.

Then I got breakfast and I was in 7th heaven because Mr. Burger King guy gave me extra hashbrowns! Not because it was my birthday but because he liked my sunglasses...go figure.
I got to work and everyone was just so nice, wishing me a happy birthday and dancing each time they saw me...haha
Then they told me there was an emergency meeting so I go into the classroom and it's mostly everyone in my English and History department singing to me and giving me flowers and other presents! It was so sweet.

My Mom and Grandma came to see my classroom and took me to Zupas. My parents spoiled me as they always do. I got a power drill....hhaahaha which I actually desperately needed.

Then  I had to go back to work and hustle in time for back to school night. All of the parents were so sweet in wishing me a happy bday!

Then Mark came to pick me up and we went to dinner at La Jolla Groves which was ~~~~DELICIOUS.

Then we went home and Mark had made me a 3 layer funfetti cake. A month or so ago Mark asked me what dessert I even would want. I really hate dessert, most cakes, all pies, hate cupcakes....but funfetti, man. Y. U. M.
Mark lit my candles and sang me happy birthday and I barely took two bites of cake when I fell asleep in my cake!

It was a different and very adult-y birthday but one of my best! Truthfully I never felt 23. Each time someone asks how old I am I always say "24" first accidentally. Maybe it was because I hated my birthday last year, it was just pure driving from Maryland and I just felt so miserable all day. And honestly, I was miserable a lot of my 23rd year haha...if it wasn't for Mark I would have just been 100% done. So I just don't count that year. I have felt 24 for a whole year and now I get to just be 24 finally! Woo woo! I'm SO excited for this year. I feel a happiness in my entire life I have never felt before!!!!

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