Sunday, August 30, 2015

#blessed or something

Ok, I have started this post five times and I don't really know the best way to say this, but I just wanted to thank everyone for all the support and love they have given over the past few weeks.

As people have sent and dropped off presents and sent messages and reached out on social media, my heart has just grown a billion times bigger. It also caused me to reflect on what amazing people, especially women, I am surrounded by.

 As my sista friend Jade said to me in a sweet letter I received last week, "One of my daily grounders is reminding myself of the incredible army of women I have built up and surrounded myself with." 

Maybe this small yet grand piece of wisdom is something we learned in our sorority, maybe it is just something that you learn as you grow up. However, this was such a tribute to a string of purposeful life choices that I have made in the last five-ish years. A long while ago, I made a decision that I only wanted to be around people who made my life better. It seems like this should be an easy and obvious choice, but it actually wasn't. At all. It forced me to look at people and say "Truly, what are we doing for each other?"  and unfortantely, that meant I cut ties with many that weren't giving me happy vibes and vice versa.
What caused these choices is thanks to new friends as well as older friends moving away, following life around, I figured out that talking frequently, texting, liking photos, hanging out a lot, etc  doesn't always mean friendship.

Obviously that's a big part of it, but there is a whole other part that I often find a lot more valuable, especially as life gets busier.  That part is having enough confidence in a relationship that you don't need to do all those things, yet when you need those people they will step up.

I needed a lot of people to step up for me this month. I needed them to tell me that they were here for me and believed in me. I needed people to ask me how I was or just to let me know they remembered I was alive, I needed people to give love even though I have been terrible at giving the same over the past year. Because I am lucky, because I am blessed, because I have good people, that's exactly what I got.

 It's not easy to find good people and it's sure as hell not easy to be good people.

So thank you thank you thank you THANK YOU for being my people even when I haven't been yours.

Let's all try to be good people and be ready to step up to bat for the people we love.

Have an amazing Sunday!
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  1. i really like all these thoughts. the two greatest things, i think, you can do for yourself is 1. to marry a really patient husband and 2. keep a bunch of good girlfriends. in the last year or so i started "fading people out" - but instead i like to call it "re-allocating my energy to people who make me happier" - doesn't that sound better?