Wednesday, August 19, 2015

classroom pictures

Somehow in my mist of exhaustion I managed to get a few pictures. The lighting is super weird so they aren't the greatest, but here they are! 
I really liked how the map garlands turned out, as well as the kid president quotes that I made. 

This is my back wall. It's the biggest white board in the class which is semi annoying that it is in the back, but it's a great place for the agenda, objective and HW.

 I can already tell my reading center is going to be a huge motivator. I give them tickets when they do something correct and on Fridays I will draw for who gets to sit in the disk chairs! 

Thank you to everyone who donated books! You make my heart full.

This is called: Riley spent too much money so I scrounged to make a READ sign!

I found a version of these SLANT signs on a website that was charging almost $20!  I made my own in about 30 seconds. Also ignore my terrible teacher handwriting. Working on it.

My messy desk! But on it are a bunch of birthday presents my coworkers got me. They have only known me for a small amount of time but they were so loving on my birthday, it brought tears to my eyes each time they made my day a little bit more special.

I had to sell my soul for this table. No freaking joke.

Guess how hard it is to take a picture of something laminated when you have ginormous windows??? Haha! These are their exit tickets.  Each day I give the students a small paper and they write their name on it and three things they learned that day, two questions they still have an a summary of the day. They then put their paper in the folder of where they feel they are at with the material for the day.

I decided to stick really closely to Kelly Gallagher, basically an English teaching superstar.  I love his style. Students need to know there is more than one way to write!

Such a bright way to enter my classroom!

My favorite little board. Last year I had humongous bulletin boards and this year I only have two teeny tiny ones. I'm really grateful...haha 

 Behind my desk....
 This is called "Hi! I just worked a 10 hour day which includes 2 hours on my feet talking. I'm tired. Feed me." 
Also sorry I had to block out my students name on the door....haha

Anyway! That is my room! Thanks for stoppin bye!

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  1. Super cute! You make me want to be decorating a classroom! Except maybe I would just have you do it for me :)