Monday, August 3, 2015

Floral & Water Color Bridal Shower

You guys!  On Saturday I had a great time with awesome women celebrating our friend Karly and her upcoming wedding. Karly has been my friend since freshman year when we were randomly assigned to live in Snow Hall with each other at USU. It wasn't an instant friendship as I introduced myself with an opening line of "I like never shower...." but we somehow managed to work past that. She has been one of my bestest friends ever since! She missed my wedding because she was on her mission so I wanted to throw her the ultimate bash so we could celebrate extra hard. 
I couldn't decide whether to go with the watercolor theme or the flowers theme, then I kept seeing flowers painted with watercolors, imagine that! Haha so this random theme was born. 
The waffle bar and the Joe & Karly sign were inspired a little bit by The Alison Show with her architect print signs that she uses a lot, and then the rest by Vintage Revivals. I just liked the raw watercolor streaks.

Generally, I try to live by the rule that I need to model my life after Alison from The Alison Show, and she gave the advice that people need something to do at a party. Since this was an open house I wanted people to be able to feel like there was a purpose, even if they were just dropping in. So the mug bar was created!
 I'm going to be honest, it wasn't the biggest hit in the world but I think that is just because Karly had a lot of girls that she hadn't seen in forever and they obviously needed to catch up! There were a few girls that were grateful for something to do so I was glad we had it, regardless. Also if anyone needs 14 identical white mugs, hit me up. Haha

 Brooklyn was helping me set up for the party and she was so freaking confused by what was going on. She kept thinking it was my birthday, was confused why we weren't hanging the pinatas from the ceiling. She didn't know why we were having a party for someone she didn't know! Haha

Guys......this project....was terrible. Haha! I found it on Pinterest and thought it would be easy to do and man was I wrong. It took a lot of work, mainly creating the letters out of cardboard boxes. Then as I was covering them I kept saying "these are honestly hideous" and the name of chewbakka pinatas was born. I still am not super convinced that they are cute but I spent a good ten hours on them so I felt like I had to use them haha

These were for the girls to take home so their mugs would stay decorated!

We decided to do a waffle bar because they are trendy and easy and delicious.  

I don't know if I have talked about Hilarie on my blog but she is the best.. She gets it done, whatever it may be. I put her in charge of my wedding and I have 0 regrets. She is also the best waffle maker in town.  

These are my roommates from freshman year! We are missing one of them, but it was fun to get together again!

Man, I really need to get a tripod and also one of those clicker things. The hood of the car situation wasn't working out too well haha

By the end of this I was so exhausted so Hilarie and I sat down and made like ten mugs with rap lyrics.

Also, Trader Joes, guys. I heard they had flowers so  I went in and got this bouquet for $4!!! The flowers are mostly dead now they aren't the best at lasting but they are just so pretty. 

Now I have to get serious since I go back to work a week from today! Cannot believe my summer is over!!! Also I found out yesterday that my first day of school is on my birthday, how lame! Haha anyway, have a great week!

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  1. I wish I would have done a mug for karly and joe with marital advice sayings (not that she needs advice). The party was cute. Thank you!

  2. Ok I love those rap lyric mugs haha. Also, you are a good party planner!! It looks like it was so cute and fun!