Wednesday, September 30, 2015

how we wore it

So, let me start by saying that I have wanted in on this action for a looong time. I think maybe 6-8 months I have been seeing other bloggers posting these how we wore it posts once a month and instantly it reminded me of a way more believable Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. So every month i'm like "k, how do I get in on this???" 
WELL PEOPLE THIS MONTH WAS MY MONTH! I finally got in! I was stoked! Here is our inspiration:
 Life with Emily
I was a little apprehensive about this months outfit.  It seemed pretty spring-like and we're heading into fall. Plus after my last sprained ankle incident of 2013 I have sworn off heels bigger than 2 inches.  I also have sworn off ripped jeans and have not quite gotten the art of rolled pant legs down yet (why is it so hard! roll too much, looks weird, don't roll enough, a flood is coming!)
 So I decided to  make it my own by fall-itize this look with my favorite boots in the entire world and non-ripped jeans. So here's what it turned out to be:

big time lolz at Mark making me pick up these rose petals and throw them

So many laughing pictures but that's what you get when you work with #markhphotography

Yeah ok so here's the thing about orange. I don't know how me and orange fit. Our relationship is still at the awkward stage. Is it the best color on me? Definitely not. Purple wins on that round. However does it look as bad as yellow does on my blonde body? Verdict is still out.

Ok so the boots. THE BOOTS! Lucky Boots. On Sale. I had heard rumors they were comfy and now I bear testimony that it is true and then some. They are the only shoes I can wear while teaching (INCLUDING MY NIKES) that don't hurt my feet at the end of the day!!!!!!! (!!!!!!!!!)
The top. Of course, is from thredup. They are still doing the free $20 for the a first time buyer. Check out my posts here about that.

Special shoutout to Mark on this one. I was getting ready for these pictures and I was being so annoying. I was complaining about how fat and ugly I felt and I was just like breaking down and saying I didn't want to do it but Mark calmed me down and took me to a pretty place to take pictures and was so patient even though he was starving (so was I, and I was not being such a gem about that fact) and it was all fine! He is such a supportive and awesome person.

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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

ESKAPED! A unique Utah date night.

A few months ago my friend Ashley of Brush Fire Florals (if you're in the market, she's incredible!) told me about this trailer where you are locked in with a bunch of people and have to solve puzzles to get out, called Eskaped. Instantly I thought "Oh, so my worst nightmare then!" because hi, I am one anxious mama jama. However, I liked them on Facebook and kept seeing people's pictures participating in the experience and having a blast. THEN! They were on KSL. Check out the story here! I saw that the trailer was actually pretty big and I realized I could probably do it without freaking out. So I tried to plan a few times with my friends and it was kind of just a big fail. Luckily Ashley texted me on Saturday that they were going and I told Mark we had to go! We had so many people bail at the last minute so it ended up being one person that Mark and I knew and then a bunch of randoms and it was still so fun! Only 30% of the groups get out and we were the fastest to do so at 23:00 minutes! Not that I had anything to do with it, I spent the entire time fiddling with something that turned out to be nothing. Haha!

Here are some pictures, if you would like to take a peek! Sorry they aren't the best, the lighting in a air stream trailer isn't the best :)

 So the goal was to get this key! There were three different locks on it, so it was not an easy task.

There is no story line, they don't give you a card at first, you just go! So once the owner locked the door we all just started tearing everything apart. It actually made it a lot more fun because we kept finding clues out of order and we had to piece them together.
 This is where I spent a majority of the 20 minutes. Haha.

 My very thoughtful husband was so good at the clues that most people didn't bother with because they were meticulous. If he hadn't figured out these bbs (not to be confused with bb) then we wouldn't have gotten out!

 Good old Alex just kept peddling on the bike while we figured out what to do! I can't tell you what the bike does, but it was pretty clever!


 I so admire the detail that the owners put into this experience. Every small detail was completely thought out and EVERYTHING was a clue!
Two minutes after I took this, we Eskaped!

See those suitcases? I got one of the locks to pop open. That was my contribution. 
In case you didn't believe me that I did nothing, apparently a couple of these guys work for NASA.

Thanks to Eskaped for letting us come experience such a unique date night! To find out where their trailer is parked each week, like Eskaped on FB. Also, check out their haunted mini trailers at the Haunted Circus in Draper! You won't find me there, the entire time I was thinking how much I would be freaked out if it was haunted! Haha but Mark was so excited to think about the possibility of it being haunted. 
Also, i'm really excited for their regular mini trailer opening. It's for 2-4 people and it is $5.00 for ten minutes of intense puzzle solving! Mark and I are going to be there when it opens on October 8th! 
Have a good week!
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Monday, September 28, 2015

Agnes & Dora Warehouse Sale Haul Video!

You guys, if you don't know Emily from, you are missing out! I have talked about her before on this blog but she is just great. We always go to blog events together and we just feel so awkward together! So it made sense that we both went to both Agnes and Dora warehouse sales together! This video has been a long time in the making. First we scheduled it and it didn't work out, then we scheduled it and it did work out, then I totally forgot about it until TODAY! I felt like such a horrible person. Then I felt even more horrible because apparently when I have a video camera on me I DON'T STOP LAUGHING OR TALKING. So that's too bad, moral of the story: never shoot a video with me! Luckily Emily is nice and great and she doesn't really care.
ANYWAY! All the deets about Agnes and Dora warehouse sales and what we bought are in this vid! Check it out!
and since, if I showed you  everything I bought in the video it would have been fifty minutes long, here are some pictures!

Like Agnes and Dora on FB or follow on instagram to get the scoop on the next sale, whenever they have it! I'm thinking they might be done till spring, but who knows!

Thursday, September 24, 2015


Mark and I have totally planned spring break already. It's in April. My school year will basically be over. BUT WE PLANNED IT AND WE ARE GOING! It's a dream of a vacation filled with places I have never been. I realized that I haven't been very many places because I always go places twice, three, four times. So i'm excited to go a lot of new places!

So here is our plan:
Drive from SLC to San Francisco. Stay in San Francisco for two nights, one full day exploring! (I know Leah, Kayla and Makenzie can give us plenty of suggestions on the must-sees for a one day visit, but other people weigh in!) 
Then from San Francisco onto the Redwoods. Please look at this airbnb! All of the ones I found are a little bit older with amazing views. This one is definitely my favorite, though!
Then from the Redwoods to Portland, Oregon. Probably my favorite airbnb selection of all time. Please take a look...
Then from Portland to Seattle for a few days. Any suggestions on what to do?
Then perhaps a stop over in Vancouver! Still deciding on that one.
After Vancouver we will head home through Boise, stay in Boise for the night (which also has its fair share of adorable airbnbs) and then home to Salt Lake.
The bad news about this vacation is that the day has gone so completely slow because I couldn't stop thinking about how much fun we are going to have!
Thanks for Mark for stepping in and planning this yesterday when I was being a baby that we couldn't book a really cheap flight to DC next weekend....haha sometimes I just get in such a rut because I can't travel as much as I would like to! Doesn't everybody, though?

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Sunday, September 20, 2015

happy list (and a quick, easy giveaway)


My new blog design! I'm so excited to show you guys what Brielle from Breezy & Co has come up with///my students, always on my happy list even when they are turds sometimes/// heath bars///falling DEAD asleep even though I had many very rowdy boys having a bachelor party in the next room///cards against humanity///chalk the block///smiths having a huge sale on my favorite ice cream///target and old navy///bringing a jacket along because that fall air is coming on strong!///hanging out at my parents///yummy japanese food, onigiri especially///possibly getting an iphone 6s!

So I decided to do a little giveaway since it has been forever since my last one (a year! a year!)  I am going to post it on  my personal instagram as well as my blog instagram tomorrow,  but if you go over to my blog FB page right now and click on the link provided, tell me what your phone is worth to sell to Gazelle in a comment, you will be entered to win a care package from yours truly! If you haven't gotten a care package from me, you are missing out. I go overboard and spend way too much but I love sending them because they are fun for me to send and fun for anyone to get! I haven't sent one in a loooong time but I am wanting to send more!

Have a good week! I'm trying to squeeze in a little relaxation after a truly insane and nonstop weekend but that isn't looking like it's happening anytime soon....

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Monday, September 14, 2015

why every teenager should have a cell phone (coming from a teacher) (I know, right??)

I think it is safe to say that I spend a fair amount of time with teenagers. It seems that teenagers are synoymous with cell phones these days. They all have them, and they all get way more likes on their crap then we do. I have taken away a cell phone or two (or fifty) in my teaching career, I have had to give many lessons about cyber bullying, and I have overheard conversations about only going to a certain event or doing certain things for the sake of posting it, so I definitely know what a negative thing that cell phones can be on our growing generation. 

That being said, I feel like cell phones don't get enough credit for what they do for teenagers. Actually, I don't think they get any at all.  So here I am today, to make my case.
1. More conscious of the world around them
Every Friday, my classes and I have a "current events" discussion where we talk about different things going on in the world. It's amazing how aware of the world that my students are, because of their phones. They all have some sort of news app and obviously social media. They are so much more aware of the issues that are affecting the world as well as the advances are being made. Last week we were talking about Syrian refugees and several of the students pulled up different articles that they had seen either on facebook or buzzfeed or cnn to add to our discussion. I was in seventh heaven. Please, buy your kid a phone. 

2. More curious about the world around them
My students are not afraid to ask questions because they know that they can find the answer very easily. The world is literally at their fingertips. One of my students wondered if he could find an organization that helps disabled kids in Mexico. One google search on his phone and it was there. Another student wondered about the guy who made the first map. Boom. I love that my students are more curious about everything and I encourage them to use their phones to find those answers. 

3. More connected to other people
This one is probably the most controversial, but I really feel like my students are able to care more about people because of social media. Sure, cyber bullying is absolutely real and terrible. However I don't feel that people see it like this:
Kids want followers. To get followers, you have to follow. Follow people you maybe wouldn't super care about in real life. So say i'm a popular kid, I follow a lesser popular kid so they will follow me back. I, the popular kid, see the lesser popular kids posts. I see that they have a family, hobbies. I see when they are having a bad day and when they accomplish something they are proud of. Instantly, they are more human to me. Instantly, I am statisically less likely to bully them at school because I am getting to know the actual person more.
If you think this is far fetched, I can tell you it absolutely isn't. This happens all the time at my school. The kids talk about it and the teachers witness it. It is one of the coolest human experiments that not very many people notice. 

So yes parents, please. Go buy your kids a phone. Encourage them to be curious, to connect with others. Don't roll your eyes too much when they talk about how many likes they have, because they will, that's just the teenager in them. Celebrate what technology and their access to it is doing to them as a person.
I know cell phones can be expensive, so that's why i'm here to offer an alternative. I know there are many outlets to buy used phones, but not all of them are cheap or reliable. Gazelle offers used cell phones for an extremely affordable price. They specialize in providing great pricing and other info so your child can benefit from technology like ipads, iphones, samsung phones, etc. 

Don't have kids? That's ok. I think we all know someone who has lost their phone to a shallow grave aka a bag of rice and honestly, it is only a matter of time before it happens to you. They offer cheap options to replace that phone. Or, if by some miracle you have saved your phone from destruction and are ready to upgrade, you can sell your phone to Gazelle. A little bit ago I sold my phone on KSL and after checking what I could have gotten for it from Gazelle, I realize I got totally ripped off from selling it on KSL. Never doing that again! I'm really pleased with the prices Gazelle is offering, I think they are super reasonable. Plus you don't have to deal with contract pricing which is always a plus. Check Gazelle out, I will definately be upgrading using them very soon!

As always, though it has been months since I have done a sponsored post, thanks for supporting my sponsors, clicking my links and helping my pay to get my hair dyed every so often. :)
This post is sponsored by Gazelle but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.
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Monday, September 7, 2015

labor day

not an attractive double chin but this lil guy became my BFF. He is so smiley all the time.

~*~PhOtoShooT whEn YoU jUsT waKe Up FroM a NaP~*

Every Labor Day/President's Day since I started dating Mark, we go up to a cabin with his extended family in Island Park, Idaho. If you have never been there, it's crazy pretty in both the summer and the winter. It's also really close to Yellowstone, a place which I have never been! So we decided to take a little day trip up to Yellowstone since we were already really close. We saw Old Faithful, which was about as anti-climatic as I expected, we also saw a ton of buffalo and elk. This one buffalo was like twenty feet away, it was nuts! I got really nervous every time it moved because I made Mark's grandma open her window so I could get a picture, I didn't want it to charge at the poor lady! Haha! 
 Hopefully I can go back and spend a little more time, maybe see a bear??

Also, it was consistently 50 degrees the entire weekend. It was amazingly beautiful, the leaves were already turning pretty fall colors. We slept with the windows open each night, it definately got like 30 degrees in our room haha but it was so great to just be cold for the first time in a long time! I just spent the entire weekend bundled in leggings and sweaters.

Now I am scrambling to get everything ready for tomorrow. It might be a rough one! Fingers crossed tomorrow morning isn't too difficult to wake up!
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