Tuesday, September 29, 2015

ESKAPED! A unique Utah date night.

A few months ago my friend Ashley of Brush Fire Florals (if you're in the market, she's incredible!) told me about this trailer where you are locked in with a bunch of people and have to solve puzzles to get out, called Eskaped. Instantly I thought "Oh, so my worst nightmare then!" because hi, I am one anxious mama jama. However, I liked them on Facebook and kept seeing people's pictures participating in the experience and having a blast. THEN! They were on KSL. Check out the story here! I saw that the trailer was actually pretty big and I realized I could probably do it without freaking out. So I tried to plan a few times with my friends and it was kind of just a big fail. Luckily Ashley texted me on Saturday that they were going and I told Mark we had to go! We had so many people bail at the last minute so it ended up being one person that Mark and I knew and then a bunch of randoms and it was still so fun! Only 30% of the groups get out and we were the fastest to do so at 23:00 minutes! Not that I had anything to do with it, I spent the entire time fiddling with something that turned out to be nothing. Haha!

Here are some pictures, if you would like to take a peek! Sorry they aren't the best, the lighting in a air stream trailer isn't the best :)

 So the goal was to get this key! There were three different locks on it, so it was not an easy task.

There is no story line, they don't give you a card at first, you just go! So once the owner locked the door we all just started tearing everything apart. It actually made it a lot more fun because we kept finding clues out of order and we had to piece them together.
 This is where I spent a majority of the 20 minutes. Haha.

 My very thoughtful husband was so good at the clues that most people didn't bother with because they were meticulous. If he hadn't figured out these bbs (not to be confused with bb) then we wouldn't have gotten out!

 Good old Alex just kept peddling on the bike while we figured out what to do! I can't tell you what the bike does, but it was pretty clever!


 I so admire the detail that the owners put into this experience. Every small detail was completely thought out and EVERYTHING was a clue!
Two minutes after I took this, we Eskaped!

See those suitcases? I got one of the locks to pop open. That was my contribution. 
In case you didn't believe me that I did nothing, apparently a couple of these guys work for NASA.

Thanks to Eskaped for letting us come experience such a unique date night! To find out where their trailer is parked each week, like Eskaped on FB. Also, check out their haunted mini trailers at the Haunted Circus in Draper! You won't find me there, the entire time I was thinking how much I would be freaked out if it was haunted! Haha but Mark was so excited to think about the possibility of it being haunted. 
Also, i'm really excited for their regular mini trailer opening. It's for 2-4 people and it is $5.00 for ten minutes of intense puzzle solving! Mark and I are going to be there when it opens on October 8th! 
Have a good week!
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  1. So fun! We had something like this at my college and I was always afraid I would get in there and have like a panic attack and be absolutely useless.

  2. That's so interesting! I'm not terribly good with puzzles so I'm not sure I should ever do that. lol