Sunday, September 20, 2015

happy list (and a quick, easy giveaway)


My new blog design! I'm so excited to show you guys what Brielle from Breezy & Co has come up with///my students, always on my happy list even when they are turds sometimes/// heath bars///falling DEAD asleep even though I had many very rowdy boys having a bachelor party in the next room///cards against humanity///chalk the block///smiths having a huge sale on my favorite ice cream///target and old navy///bringing a jacket along because that fall air is coming on strong!///hanging out at my parents///yummy japanese food, onigiri especially///possibly getting an iphone 6s!

So I decided to do a little giveaway since it has been forever since my last one (a year! a year!)  I am going to post it on  my personal instagram as well as my blog instagram tomorrow,  but if you go over to my blog FB page right now and click on the link provided, tell me what your phone is worth to sell to Gazelle in a comment, you will be entered to win a care package from yours truly! If you haven't gotten a care package from me, you are missing out. I go overboard and spend way too much but I love sending them because they are fun for me to send and fun for anyone to get! I haven't sent one in a loooong time but I am wanting to send more!

Have a good week! I'm trying to squeeze in a little relaxation after a truly insane and nonstop weekend but that isn't looking like it's happening anytime soon....

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