Thursday, September 24, 2015


Mark and I have totally planned spring break already. It's in April. My school year will basically be over. BUT WE PLANNED IT AND WE ARE GOING! It's a dream of a vacation filled with places I have never been. I realized that I haven't been very many places because I always go places twice, three, four times. So i'm excited to go a lot of new places!

So here is our plan:
Drive from SLC to San Francisco. Stay in San Francisco for two nights, one full day exploring! (I know Leah, Kayla and Makenzie can give us plenty of suggestions on the must-sees for a one day visit, but other people weigh in!) 
Then from San Francisco onto the Redwoods. Please look at this airbnb! All of the ones I found are a little bit older with amazing views. This one is definitely my favorite, though!
Then from the Redwoods to Portland, Oregon. Probably my favorite airbnb selection of all time. Please take a look...
Then from Portland to Seattle for a few days. Any suggestions on what to do?
Then perhaps a stop over in Vancouver! Still deciding on that one.
After Vancouver we will head home through Boise, stay in Boise for the night (which also has its fair share of adorable airbnbs) and then home to Salt Lake.
The bad news about this vacation is that the day has gone so completely slow because I couldn't stop thinking about how much fun we are going to have!
Thanks for Mark for stepping in and planning this yesterday when I was being a baby that we couldn't book a really cheap flight to DC next weekend....haha sometimes I just get in such a rut because I can't travel as much as I would like to! Doesn't everybody, though?

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  1. first of all, this trip if a dream. you are hitting pretty much all the best spots in the western half of the country. fist bump. and please stay in the "island farm retreat" in portland because I AM DYING. can i invite myself on this trip?? cool. airbnb brings me so much happiness.

    obviously i have 1,000 suggestions for SF - but can i make a few for the PNW? blue star donuts in portland (i still liked voodoo but a lot of people really hate lines) and the portland aerial tram. it's only like 4 bucks and you get a pretty killer view of the city. also forrest park and multnoma falls, because nature!

    in seattle, we have loved pike place obviously, post alley pizza, and getting out on the water. (sailing is expensive but AMAZING, the ferries are totally fun, and for pretty cheap you can rent kayaks/canoes through the UW outdoor recreation center and paddle out onto union bay. so fun!) the seattle public library and kerry park are pretty amazing, too. (oh, and in pike place there is the most AMAZING vintage photo booth in the basement. if you're interested, text me when you actually go and i'll give you more details.)

    and one more thing. if you're staying the night in boise, PLEASE eat at the egg factory the next morning!!! they have a novelty breakfast menu, with like pumpkin french toast, lemon poppyseed pancakes, and their strawberry cheesecake french toast will bring you to tears.

    that is all. this is going to be the best trip ever.

  2. I am assuming you mean Vancouver Canada and not Washington? Because there is nothing nice about Vancouver Washington. But Canada..ahhhhhh as long as you have passports obviously. If you can ride the Skunk Train near Ft. Brag in Northern California it is so fun!!! Goes through the trees and stops for these to die for berry sundaes. Also, I am a huge lover of Monterey Aquarium and Carmel By The sea which is one of the most romantic places on EARTH!!! We always stay at Fireplace Inn. It is all fun little places and magically and not a buy place. It is heaven Google it. I Insist !!!