Friday, October 2, 2015

state of the union

Life rn! We are officially settled into our routine. Only took a month, but it was such a huge change that it took a lot of getting used to. Mark works Mondays and Fridays and has class every day, on Tuesdays he has an exceptionally long day, 9 AM-9 PM! He is really happy to be back in school but he just wishes that he could be into his major, he lost credits when he transferred and that is just so dumb, to put it very eloquently. 
Every day I leave at 6:20ish to go to work and stay until about 5:30, sometimes later. Long days but that's just kind of how teaching goes. Also, I just found this in a paper that I wrote as a freshman in my balancing work and family class----
When I read this I lol'd!!!!!!!!!!!! So hard I lol'd. SO HARD. Literally the hardest I have ever lol'd in my life. My Mom was a teacher who worked as many if not more hours than I do, so I have no freaking clue how I got this impression.

Anyway! The days go by so fast! The weeks go by so fast! I feel like my life is slipping through my hands like sand or something. It's so weird! I'm sure time will slow down as we approach the holidays and as I get eager for a break. 

So let's do a currently post, because it's been a minute...

WATCHING: Homeland and Mad Men. Mad Men is taking longer to get into than I thought it would...

EATING: Tilapia. Lots of it. It's all I want lately. Very, very weird.

READING: Fortunately/Unfortunately the only books I am reading right now are the ones I am reading with my students. Light in the Forest and Boy.

WEARING: These Lucky boots. Every day. They are my life saver.

LOVING: My friend Mallory's blog. SHE IS SO HILARIOUS! She is having the funniest experiences in Iceland. My favorite parts are her bath water, her bathroom and her fridge. Check out her blog Pail as Hail. Also, isn't her header amazing?

LISTENING: A podcast, as always. Go listen to Limetown right now!

WANTING: ALL THE PINS! I started to look into the hashtag #pingame and now i'm obssessed and debating on spending big money on Kim and Kanye pins.

PLANNING: My bestie Nate is getting married to an amazing and creative soul Claire! Their wedding is so soon! 
I'm also planning to go on a soda fast for a month after I run out of dr peppers. I feel like I am the most addicted I have ever been! I just get so sick of water. Anyway, so that's happening soon.
What is up with you guys lately???  Share some currently's with me!
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