Monday, October 19, 2015

the weekend that changed me as a person

Ok, maybe I am being a liiiiiitttttle dramatic, but this weekend was SO GOOD. It felt as long as it was, which is rare. The entire summer went by in a blink so I thought this weekend would seem so quick, but it's been long and relaxing. Tomorrow is gonna be a hard one for sure.

First of all, weddings galore this weekend. It makes sense that college kids get married over fall break but sheesh, I was exhausted.
Mark and I's very best friend and my favorite person in the world besides Mark, Nate, got married to his cutie *WIFE!* Claire on Friday. Their reception was at the Draper Day Barn and  it was so lovely.

Can you guys see where I spilled Dr. Pepper all down myself? Also how the temple socks rubbed off my tan? haha i'm a mess.

not pregnant just crazy bloated from the pizza luncheon :(:(:(
 Claire had put together the sweetest Polaroid wall and I was loving looking at all the pictures and reminiscing. Nate is really responsible for Mark and I meeting in high school and then convincing Mark and I to date each other in college. We just love him so much, he's always been my #1 (besides Mark, and even over Mark before we were dating hahaa) and we are so happy for Claire and Nate and their new life and family.

 Saturday was blissfully glorious because I slept in the latest I have slept in a few years----9 AM! hahaha so pathetic. WHY am I the earliest bird?? Anyway, Mark and I decided to go shopping because we each had to get jeans, Mark needed winter shoes and I needed an actual grown up bra. My entire life I have been wearing Target bras and let me tell you, two days into wearing a Victoria Secret bra, THERE IS A DIFFERENCE. My ladies have a whole new life. Go buy a grown up bra, now.

Anyway, we took a break from shopping and ate at Black Bear Diner in Orem. I thought I ordered just any old hamburger, but nooooo. I got a hamburger as big as my face.

On Sunday, we had to practice the primary program for two hours with our sunbeams and it was horrifically painful AND I am still annoyed that people think we are new to the ward. We have lived in our apartment for 8 months! Argh. Anyway, to calm down (me) we decided to take a drive on the Alpine Loop. Since neither of us grew up in Utah County, we didn't know the wonder that is the Alpine Loop. I just recently found out that you can take it all the way to Provo. We went once last year but only went in a few miles. So this time we drove the entire thing! It was so extremely beautiful and I even teared up a few times because THIS, THIS was what I missed when we lived in Maryland.

 Also, big time lols because the plastic cover on my phone cracked so the front facing camera has a permanent vignette.

Oh! I saw Nikki this weekend. Nikki is my little in our sorority and she is also one of my very best friends. We don't see each other a lot so when we do it is QUITE the treat. We are going to Witch's Night Out on Saturday and i'm so excited!

So yes, Fall Break might have changed me as a person this year. I feel soooo relaxed and loving life. Bless you, FB.
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