Monday, November 23, 2015

Cariloha Bamboo Sheet Review (+ Giveaway!)

I'm really excited to share this review with you guys today!
I have been sleeping on this review for a week now, trying to decide....and i've decided that Cariloha Bamboo Sheet are the BamBEST! (Wow guys, so many #DadJokes in that one sentence it's craaazy)
Ok, no, but seriously. When Cariloha reached out to me to try their sheets I was insanely excited. My friend Hilarie has a set of their sheets and she is constantly telling me how she can never go back to any other sheets. I was really excited to try them for myself! Do I deserve something that feels so nice and fancy? 
Heck yeah I do.

We opened the box and I realized they were a little silky. I got a little nervous because I used to have these zebra and lip print sheets (LOL) that were silk and I always woke up on the floor because I slid off them! I just generally feel like silk sheets are too slippery. However, I sat down on the bed after we put them on and I instantly realized these were not like the other sheets. Silky, yes. Slippery, absolutely not. This was only the start of a series of pleasant surprises with these sheets!
The hard part about reviewing Cariloha Bamboo sheets is that I have found them quite indescribable. "Soft" doesn't seem to cover it, because the way in which they are soft is so unique and unlike anything I have ever felt. Cariloha's website says they are twice as soft as cotton and honestly, I'm surprised it isn't more, because that's how soft the Cariloha sheets feel.  The only way I can really accurately describe these sheets is like when people say things are "like butter." They are extremely buttery!
Another reason bamboo sheets are unique is because they are 3 degrees cooler than cotton and wick away moisture. These are things I didn't anticipate that I would notice but I absolutely did. I've slept on these sheets for a week and a half and they feel like they were freshly washed each time I get into bed, and a few of those times my bed hasn't even been made. I'm not a scientist, but I think that the reason they continually feel so fresh is because of the temperature and the moisture factor. Today we came home from church and I collapsed in my bed for a nap. The sheets felt so nice and clean, I had the thought that maybe Mark washed them while I was running errands yesterday, but he didn't! They just feel continually clean and crisp as the first night we slept on them.
Ok, let's talk about the blanket that Cariloha surprised us with. I opened up the package and said "Oh! They sent us a blanket!" Mark, who had been really skeptical about these bamboo sheets, demanded to "feel" the blanket. After he felt it he was begging me to open it but I wouldn't let him until I had taken some pictures. After I got done, he opened it like he was a kid on Christmas morning and has dubbed it, "His Blanket" and has been using it ever since. YOU GUYS! This might not seem like a big deal but Mark is a Certified Blanket Hater. I'm obsessed with them and he totally hates how many we have, he never will use one. So the fact that he not only likes this one but it hasn't left his side since we got it is huge. 
However, I did manage to steal it away a few nights ago and I was shocked at how warm it was. It is by far warmer than my comforter! I was really pleasantly surprised.

  So here is the best part about this whole experience. Cariloha is being SO generous and is letting me give away a set of sheets, valued at over $200! I promise, this is the best opportunity to try out these sheets. It's really simple to enter, see the rafflecopter below to enter!
A million thank yous to Cariloha for changing the way I sleep! When we got a king bed I thought it couldn't get any better, and it absolutely did!
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