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#girlboss of the week!///1

I'm so excited, SO excited, to bring you this new series. I have done the responsible blogger thing and have actually scheduled these for the next few months, so this series will hopefully stick.
A few weeks ago I realized what cool people I surround myself with, (go me, go me!)
Not just people, but awesome women! I just suddenly felt so selfish that I wasn't sharing their awesome talents with the world.
So every week I will be highlighting another women who I think identifies as a #GIRLBOSS. Just basically living the dream! 
The first #GIRLBOSS I will be highlighting is Mallory Ann Poulsen. 
I first met Mallory when she was still in high school, I think? I met her through a mutual friend. My first thought was that she was like Stargirl by Jared Spinelli, in the best way. She just kind of showed up in my circle randomly and was the most unique person ever, and I was so jealous of her pure sense of her own self. Mallory has a blog named Pale as Hale and it is, without a doubt, THE funniest blog I have ever read. I love that she writes way more than any other blogger I know because her writing is probably more entertaining than any Netflix show. She also lives in FREAKING ICELAND. So you know. I asked her some questions and SHE DELIVERED, my friends!! Read on, if you'd like...

Alright, give us a run down of who you are and what your story is.
I am a 22 year old caucasian female – I prefer to describe myself as I would on any standardized test.
I was born and raised in Rose Park (back in the early 90’s when it was “the hood” instead of the lovely landscaped land it is today) and ended up in the Avenues of SLC as I grew up. That’s home.
 I knit, I eat, I resent how much I eat, I Netflix, I explore, I sleep and repeat. In the states I went to Cosmetology school at Aveda Institute where I learned how to do hair and also learned how to convince people that the mistakes I made on their haircut was going to be the next big thing. I also worked in a Chocolate Factory solely because they would let me play Disney music all day. But the best job I ever had was as a substitute teacher, it was perfect for my short attention span. I also loved it because I could tell the same jokes every day to completely different people and they would all think I was impossibly clever (my apologies to Mountain Ridge Jr. High, I tested the jokes on you guys first).

Why did you start Pale as Hale?
Pale as Hail first started as an Instagram name I thought up while at a coffee shop in downtown SLC. I was with friends and we were discussing what we thought people first noticed about us. I figured people first noticed my White-Out color skin tone. I liked it as an Instagram name because the app feels like one big first impression. People can see my account and assume that I’m quirky, like clothes, and know how to fish gape when appropriate, but essentially that’s all they’re seeing. A pale girl’s selfies.

Pale as Hail became a blog when I moved to Iceland. More than anything, it is meant to be a journal. This is a really cool time of life I’m in and I worry I wouldn’t write it all down if I didn’t have an audience (even if it’s just my grandma) who followed along with me. Pale as Hail has kept me from feeling isolated while on a very isolated island. It also encourages me to write about the good stuff. I feel like so often our journals become places where we vent. That can be a healthy outlet, but when I look back on this time years from now I don’t want to hear myself complaining about how hard it is–and it is certainly hard–I want to look back on the good/kooky/funny stuff. Writing to an audience makes that easier, and makes me go out and DO things so that I have anything interesting to write about.
I decided to move to Iceland because it is completely different than the United States. I love the US, I love that I’m from there. I also love how different it is from the rest of the world. Iceland is particularly different in that the pace of life is so slow. No one stresses here, due dates are not set in stone, vacations are respected and taken often. I moved here for that experience. Consequently, I’ve learned how to have a completely different pace in life. I spend days working alongside Masters students from around the world at a studio downtown. I spend a lot of time at thrift stores where I buy sweaters and make patches on them with cut outs of all the useless summer clothes I brought. I also knit, a lot. Downtown Reykjavik is a dream, I spend hours walking the streets and enjoy that it’s small enough I actually get to know the people who work in the stores. And more than once I’ve seen Jonsi walking his dog while I’m out. That’s fun. On the weekends I go exploring. My husband and I will pack up lunch and drive to eat on cliffs, caves, volcanoes, we go climb around the black sand beaches and hunt for waterfalls.
Ok, time for a deeper question. In what ways do you feel like you hold yourself back in life?
 I think I’m pretty stereotypical for my age. I am still young and I have no idea who I want to be when I grow up. I enviously look at people my age who know what they are doing with their lives, and yet I am also really enjoying my life while I embrace everything I’m interested in before realizing what one thing will be my…thing.  

Since i'm (Riley) huge on tips to live a happier life, what keeps you happy?
Don’t be afraid to do what you want to do in order to become who you want to be. By that I mean, it’s okay to move to Iceland just because you really want to. I might just be justifying my own crazy life choices, but I love my crazy life. If it feels right and you think it would make you the most happy, go for it. It will make you the person you are supposed to be.  
 Top three favorite albums?
 High Violet by The National (everyone who knows me well knows my daughter will be named “Violet” in part because of this album, and also because I already have a signed copy of “A Series of Unfortunate Events” for her in her name.)

Overgrown by James Blake, because his was the best concert I have ever been to. Ever.

And ( ) by Sigur Ros, because when my husband was just my friend and I wanted him to be just a little bit more, I bought an album whose name I couldn’t pronounce by a band that was Icelandic because it was his favorite. Showing an interest in his interests meant a lot to him. And when I was 13, we first began talking about how amazing it would be to live in Iceland. And I loved that. I loved him. We got married. And we moved to Iceland. And we listen to that album all the time.
I'm always curious what people's favorite beauty products are, just in case i'm missing out on something. What is your favorite beauty product?
Now, I’m gonna answer this my way and feel free to not use it but straight up my answer is tampons. Maybe this isn’t where you were going with the whole “beauty product” question so I will say that I prefer to keep a tube of lipstick in my purse at all times, but I ALWAYS have a tampon. I constantly think about how I would live in another time period, until I remember my period. I’d pick a tampon over lipstick every single month. 

  What makes you feel most confident and your favorite thing about yourself?
My favorite thing in the entire world is to make people laugh. I love to public speak and when people laugh at my stories my confidence is through the roof. Greatest feeling ever.  
 I love that I married someone who would move to another country just because we wanted to. I love being an example of how being married can lift you up and make you an individual. I love that the support that came from my marriage gave us the courage to become who we are and it is the only way we are able to do the things that we do. 
What is one thing you know to be true?
“Being in love lifts you up.” Be in love with your work. Be in love with those you keep around you. Be in love with your life. It makes everything so, so worth it. 
What is one thing about Iceland that nobody knows?
This is the top vacation spot for Bollywood stars. They come here to visit because apparently they get recognized everywhere else. So if you're ever in the mood to meet a Bollywood actor, this is the place to come!

 A HUGE thank you to Mallory Ann for letting me ask her a zillion questions. She is such a cool person!
To keep up with her really cool Icelandic adventures like the time she went to Yoko Ono's private island and how Iceland consistently smells like rotten eggs, follow her blog and instagram.
Do you know any #GIRLBOSSES out there that would want to be interviewed?  Email me at
Thanks for reading!

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