Saturday, November 28, 2015

#girlboss of the week///2

Hi everyone! I hope you had a fantastic Thanksgiving!  I usually post this series on Mondays but in honor of #SmallBusinessSaturday I really wanted to highlight my second #GirlBoss of the week!
I told you I had a lot of amazing ladies lined up for this series, so without further ado, this week is Ashley Hawkins! I met Ashley in college through mutual friends and she is just one of the most fun humans there is! She is always down for a good time, even with twins! Who, by the way, make me baby hungry each time she posts! Anyway, Ashley is just one awesome and super creative individual.  I was obssessed with her print shop and now she has a new gig going on called Elemeno Tees! 
Give us a run down of you, who are you, where are you from ,what do you do, basics etc
I'm Ashley Hawkins, originally from Michigan but currently live in Holladay, Utah with my husband Taylor & my twin boys Max & Oliver. We are a husband & wife duo biz who create graphic tees for your little guys & gals called Elemeno Tees. I love creating new things - I have a design background from a previous job & have carried that talent into bringing moms fun, cute, unique tees. We specialize in our custom nickname template tees! We carry a handful of templates that you can plug in your own nicknames, names, or words into for your littles to wear. You can mix & match shirts, styles and ink colors!
How did Elemeno Tees come about?
Elemeno Tees was born about six months after our twins! My husband and I have always talked about having our own boutique filled with unique items for as long as I can remember! When our twins were born, we had a hard time finding cute shirts for boys (girls seriously have all the luck in that department). We wanted to do something that set us apart in the t-shirt business, so we decided to come up with a few templates our customers could customize, and it's grown from there to having stock shirt designs, more custom designs, and who knows what else in the future! The name originated from Lil' Max N' Ollie's to LMNO, to Elemeno!
 What is the best and hardest thing about owning your own business?
Oh, gosh! The greatest thing is when people love your product! It's the BEST when people email you with photos, or tag you on instagram, or show up to a photoshoot saying that they love our product! It's the best kind of validation - that we're actually doing something that someone else loves aside from us! The most difficult thing would have to be managing every different side of the business. 
 What is your favorite item of clothing and why?
My favorite item of clothing for myself is probably chunky sweaters, I seriously love them. But if we were talking about babes, I have to say our tees - duh!
What makes you feel most confident?
Something that makes me feel the most confident is a good pair of jeans.

What is one thing you know to be true?
One thing I know to be true is that a person's value in life should never be decided by anyone but yourself. We all have so much value, never let anyone tell you otherwise.

Since i’m big on tips to be your happiest self, do you have a tip on what keeps you happy?
A tip for what keeps me happy is finding time for yourself!! This is another thing I know to be true, referring from our previous question - ha! Whenever you're feeling bogged down by life, take a minute. Go walk around Target. Go get fro-yo (I'm all about fro-yo). Go on a drive. Heck, go buy yourself a new outfit! Just do YOU. It's a good refresher so you can get yourself back where you want to be. 
Thanks so much to Ashley for answering my questions with such a busy life! If you want to purchase any of her tees, visit her Etsy site. You can also follow Elemeno Tees on Instagram here or like them on Facebook here!
Remember to support small businesses today! As I have gotten older and had a lot more friends become the faces behind those small businesses, I really know how much it means to these guys!
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