Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Old Navy Black Friday

Well you guys, it's the time of year that I get an entirely new closet. Old Navy has 50% off their entire store for Black Friday. I keep an eye on things starting in August about what I want. The good thing about Old Navy Black Friday is that it's never too insane in the store, it's mostly just like a busy Saturday. They had 50% off last Saturday to prepare for Black Friday and I actually got mostly everything I needed. My favorite thing is this winter version of the jersey swing dress that I have been raving about for months. I also have been quite addicted to this wine color lately. Maybe it's because they are my school colors and I have been buying a ton of them to #represent but I just really think it's my new favorite color!

Here is the thing that makes me pretty sad about these pictures. I don't own jewlery at all, I just feel like everything I like is too expensive and I have a hard time justifying it. However I saw this necklace and it was so cool with all the different layers and the stones. I was really excited to finally own a necklace like a real woman. Then it got SO TANGLED and Mark and I worked all during church to untangle it and we ended up having to completely break it to get it untangeled. So I owned a very pretty and expensive necklace for not even 24 hours. Bummer. 

On a lighter note, thanks to my IRLBFF Emily for taking these pictures! I also learned that trying to pretend it's okay to not wear tights in November is a huge mistake.
 Have a good Thanksgiving! Don't forget to enter my Cariloha giveaway one post back!
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