Sunday, November 8, 2015

pink hair and red lips

We had kind of a crazy week at school a few weeks ago, it was Red Ribbon Week and the week of Halloween. Monday was hats and sunglasses day, Tuesday was crazy hair day, Wednesday was PJ day, Thursday was Throwback Thursday and Friday was Halloween costumes. I live for this kind of stuff! The only day I didn't totally dress up was PJ day, I wore my sweatshirt I usually wear when i'm lounging but uhhh, I don't own PJs? haha.
For crazy hair day I got pink hair chalk from Walmart for like a dollar, and I went crazy! I put it in my hair the night before just to make sure it was going to be ok, I loved it!
However at the end of the day it got real gross, so I ended up with it in a pony tail and took a shower the second I got home haha 
Also can we talk about how none of my kids said a single word about my pink hair!? R U D E.

For "Throwback Thursday" I was Rosie the Riveter.  Everyone kept commenting how cool my hair was and how long it must have taken and I was like "uhhhh" because it took two seconds! I just rolled my hair around a bottle of dry shampoo, took the bottle out and pinned!
I was nervous to wear lipstick because my lips are just so big.... however I really liked how it turned out and I might buy more lipstick colors? I dunno, we'll see!

 The real crime is that I didn't get any pictures of my Minnie Mouse costume I wore to school, so here is a throwback from last year: 
I miss my platinum hair!

Then on actual Halloween I went to Trick or Treat with my niece and nephew and then Brooklyn who was wearing a Snoopy costume that came from the creator of the Peanuts actual garage...that's a long story haha but she was so specific on her makeup. I googled "Snoopy Makeup" and everyone had a nose like my cat nose so I kept drawing that nose on her and she would look in the mirror and cry, then she got so fed up she grabbed my phone and looked up an actual picture of cartoon Snoopy and told me to just do a circle on her nose and one eyebrow. It was so weirdly specific for a four year old...haha

As fun as these weeks are i'm always craving normalcy at the end.
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