Sunday, November 29, 2015

that typical November grateful post + Thanksgiving pictures

I've seen a million and one of these lately, not that i'm complaining!
I've been having a rough time ever since Daylight Savings. Haha! I don't know what it is, maybe just getting dark earlier or in the cold but i've been really struggling to keep my happy lately. However Thanksgiving break and focusing on what i'm grateful for, as well as spending quality time with family has been everything and though it can be a drag to go back to work after a holiday, i'm going back a healthier and happier me.
The main thing i've been feeling extra grateful for these days is my job. I don't know if I have ever talked about it publicly, but last year I taught for half a year and it was such a dysfunctional experience for me. It's so hard to take over for a teacher mid year, it's so hard to go into a school that is in the midst of changes, it was so hard to be in the population I was with little to no support from anybody. I was so far from my dreams and each day I went to work a little part of me died. There was one specific experience that made me sob, harder than I have ever sobbed in my life (which is crazy because my bc makes me cry allllll the time over nothing) and I just was so ready to either quit my job or quit my life. If it weren't for Mark I would have been in the lowest point of my life, right when I should have been at the most exciting part!
I'm not saying this to get sympathy, i'm also not turning this into "i'm so glad for my trials!" I'm actually only 1/2 glad for that experience. It has absolutely made me a better teacher, no question about that. No bull happens in my classroom anymore, because I have been to literal classroom hell and back However, the other half of me is still trying to understand why I went through that trial. Maybe it's just so that when I found my current job I would be extra grateful, and I truly feel that.
  Teaching itself will never be without its challenges but every morning that I come to school and every afternoon (well, let's be honest, usually night) that I leave I literally tear up and sometimes full on cry because of how much I love my kids, my principal, my co-workers, everyone! They are the most loving and supportive people. I'm consistently surprised that people can be so good and wanting each other to succeed. I've never been in a place quite like that before, and it's truly lovely.

  Anyway, we had a great Thanksgiving weekend although it went scarily fast. On Wednesday I got some cavities filled and to be quite honest, after the nitris gas in the morning I was quite drugged for the entire day. It might have been a mental thing because they said it would wear off in minutes after disconnecting, but I felt that crap till about 7:00 PM. 
Thursday was Thanksgiving, we spent the first half of the day with Mark's family and the second half with my family. I felt soooo sick that whole night, trying to eat two dinners is not a great idea!
On Friday, Mark and I saw Room at the Broadway downtown. I read the book a few years ago. Mark  thinks really critically about movies so he tends to have a more refined movie palette as to what is good and what is crap, haha, and he rated Room as THE BEST movie of 2015, I have to agree. It was mind blowing, the acting, everything. After the movie we went to an all you can sushi bar and it was so...nasty. We realized that when you have to say "Hey, this isn't terrible!" and be pleasantly surprised about your food, it's probably not a great decision. 
Saturday we went to Brooklyn, again, I read the book a few years ago. It was such a sweet movie and I connected with it on so many levels, leaving home and all the pain and joy that comes with. It was so sweet! If you're thinking "Man, you guys see a lot of movies!" it's because Mark has an unlimited movie pass because he loves movies so much. It's pretty sweet! Anyway, for dinner we went to Station 22 for dinner. It's located in Provo, and so delicious. I would go back in a second. I'm craving the rootbeer I had, and I hate rootbeer so there ya go!
Alright, some pictures of food!

The Hanni's are turkey-haters and so we get these delicious ribs each holiday! 0 complaints!

  Hope you had a grand Thanksgiving! If you didn't check out my second #GirlBoss of the week series, make sure you do! There will be another one here next Monday!
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