Monday, December 14, 2015

#girlboss of the week///4

Another installment of #GirlBoss of the week! You might have seen this cool lady on Lauren Conrad's blog, or basically just anywhere because she is crazy talented and her designs are beautiful. Her posts always uplift and inspire me. Introducing Alexa Zurcher

Tell us a little bit about yourself!
I'm Alexa Zurcher-  wife to B, mama to A & E, blogger and designer. I was raised in sunny Southern Utah, and now reside with my little tribe in Northern Utah. I love hand lettering, taking thousands of photos (seriously!) and I cannot resist a good chocolate chip cookie. Or anything chocolate really. :)

How did you start your design business and blog?
I started my blog in high school (way back when!) and really started blogging when I was in college. It was a good way to show my mom that I wasn't getting in too much trouble. ;) Ha! I started my design business shortly after getting married. I had a goal to make a little extra Christmas cash and really only planned on selling products for the season. I'm glad I decided to keep going with it!  

When did you realize, "Okay, i'm pretty good at this!" either with blogging or graphic design?
I still feel like I'm still finding my groove (in both blogging and design!) but I think I realized I could use my talents for a little side business after that first Christmas season. I loved designing and every order that came in I felt giddy (I still do to this day!) It's an awesome, humbling experience knowing that other people enjoy your work, especially after putting so much time and heart into it. 

Since i'm big on tips to be your happiest self, what is your happiness tip?
I've found I'm happiest when I'm serving others. Far too often, I get caught up in my own little problems, but focusing on others, serving others, and being genuinely happy for others makes me happy, too!

What makes you feel most confident?
A dash of lipstick, my favorite song on the radio, and knowing (and remembering!) that I am a daughter of God. 

What is one thing you know to be true?
Thomas S. Monson said it best "..You do not find the happy life, you MAKE it!" 

Check out Alexa's blog here, her instagram here and her etsy page here!

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