Thursday, December 31, 2015

goodbye 2015

I really wasn't going to do one of these because yesterday was a disastrously bad day and I was feeling very sorry for myself. Then I read my 2014 wrap up and I felt a lot like I needed to do one this year.

I got a job that I thought was going to be a huge blessing, and it was in part I guess....but mostly it just led to the worst five months of 2015.

Mark's Cabin over Valentines day
Had a fun weekend in Logan to pretend we were college kids again

Said goodbye to my platinum blonde hair, never to return!
Moved apartments from our little white house to our current apartment


Bought a new car! Woo grownups!
Mark's birthday
Celebrated our 1 year wedding anniversary
Got my job at my current school which I love to the moon and back, and back to the moon again. A whole series of laps.

Said goodbye to my school
Had the most relaxing day of the summer, maybe year, maybe life? At Snowbird.
If you didn't know, teachers get paid during the summer months and it is....incredible. 
Started going to the gym and realized I might like running? 
Got callings in Primary

4th of July at the REAL game
Did a lot of bloggy stuff (July was my most quality content month, I think)
Purity Ring concert

Threw a bridal shower for Karly
Had my birthday
Started my new school
Karly got married
Sarah (Mark's sister) got married
Went to the temple with Hilarie

Went to Mark's cabin and Yellowstone
Mark started school again!

Went to an Alpha Chi reunion
Shandy's bachelorette party
Shandy got married
Nate got married
Murder Mystery Party
Witches Night Out

Kelly Gallagher conference
Doing fun activities with my students (Continental Congress simulation might not sound fun but holy cow, I was doubled over laughing)

Well, obviously family pictures, Star Wars, Tren came to visit, friend Christmas party (no pictures of that....what the heck is that about?) eating delicious sushi at Tsunami, seeing Nutcracker,  shopping at the outlets in PC,  Christmas day, and just relaxing a boat load!
We were actually planning on moving apartments today, but at the literal last second we got a bad feeling and backed out, leaving those people and our current landlord really p/o'd. It kind of sucks because we spent most of Christmas break signing papers and getting ready. So i'm a little grumpy right now but I'm really hoping that I will look back on this in a year and be really grateful that we didn't move.

Alright, so last year I wrote that I was really curious about what would be going on in 2015 because I had no plans or ideas. This is a basic summary: Got a job, hated the job, survived the job, left the job. Ate a ton of good food, saw a lot of awesome movies, had some great moments with friends and family. Quit dr pepper for a month, became fit for three months. Mark started school again, I started school again at a job I love and am grateful for daily. Lots of friends got married or went through other big life changes, very humbled to be apart of all that.
2016 should be great! Mark will graduate, i'm in a job I truly love, maybe we will get a dog this year? That's actually my one goal. We hopefully will take a vacation in April, maybe go back to the East Coast in the summer as well? Definitely go to Lake Powell. Possibly move in May. Lot's of things to look forward to and honestly, I can't wait! 

Happy New Years!

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